Zach LaVine’s Top 10 HIGH FLYING Dunks! ✈ -

Zach LaVine’s Top 10 HIGH FLYING Dunks! ✈

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  2. やっぱりザックラビーンはカッコいい❗

  3. Even the coaches from the Timberwolves had to react to that #1 dunk. That was filthy 🥴

  4. What are we talking about here? The NBA(media content/production team) has given their official stamp of approval on these 10 finishes to represent what they consider to be “..LaVine’s Top 10 HIGH-FLYING Dunks!”?
    Mans was so prolific/accomplished at the rim that he simply decided he was over it. Almost anti-dunking(in any celebrated/flashy way)for a minute now—&not due to any ‘Vinsanity-“where’d my knee cartilage go?”-type scenario either. Zach LaVine owned the shit so completely/moved on from dunking similar to MJ with the game of basketball in its entirety(for a few innings at least).

    ALL that said—& due to the absence of any year/timeframe/etc. in title or description—, are viewers to accept that a ‘credible’ source believes Zach LaVine(who I admittedly regard only as an “above average”-dunker in-game in comparison to his actual abilities) has THIS showing sitting atop his career resume, & has accumulated his best dunks exclusively in a Bulls uniform? Get out of town*.

    [*Without researching past highlights, maybe I am wrong & he’s a next-level practice guy. If not, & this is insulting to a GOAT until an edit being more specific occurs, then I’m not even mad, just disappointed. Cause I can expect this from the MLB, definitely the NFL, but not you, NBA. You’re supposed to be the ‘Dunk Contest’-Zach LaVine in this major sports/social media game..]

  5. To be such a great dunker his in game dunks are 🗑

  6. They should've specificed (both in the title and the description) that this was a video of LaVine's Top 10 dunks of last season only. When I clicked on this video, I was expecting a Top 10 of his all-time career dunks.

  7. ALWAYS love Zach Lavine Dunks. He jumps high Effortlessly, with Fluidity and Elegance in his Dunks #Facts💯

  8. Love the way he lands firmly on the ground like nothing happened…

  9. I keep smiling cause Everyone's forgetting about Vucevic 😉 The Bulls are a sleeper team in the East I'm excited.

  10. Sheshhhh just imagine zo pure passing skills opps too lavineee massive dunking ability gonnaaaa be a nice connection in Chicago ‼️

  11. Hopefully he doesn’t pull a Derrick rose and lose all that athleticism in injuries, although he’s had a serious one before and he’s fine and his landing isn’t messed up so I think he’ll be fine.

  12. The crazy thing is that Zach can jump higher than the rim if he really wants to.m

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  14. Zach is dope. He’s got that “predatory cat” fluidity when he moves, like MJ did

  15. Dude tore his ACL and came back with the same bounce

  16. Dunk Champion, NBA All Star and Olympic Gold Medalist!!!

  17. Bro that had to hurt the dude's shoulder in #7. Flushed it straight through

  18. The only difference between his normal one handed dunks and people's normal one handed dunks is that he gets his head above the rim😅

  19. Lavine and Gordon still have the greatest dunk contest of all time

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  21. Derrick Jones, Derozan, LaVine New lop Cit 😂😂😂

  22. he’s literally ben simmons gone super sayne

  23. Pag sa laru parang mahina tumalon si lavine ksi parang d napantay ulo nya sa rim mas mlakas pa si morant pumapabtay ang ulo sa rim

  24. this guy is good, he should try dunk contest

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