Your Dream Skyrim Dragon flying game that NOBODY plays... YET! -

Your Dream Skyrim Dragon flying game that NOBODY plays… YET!

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Is this your Dream Skyrim Dragon Flying Game?
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I have invested so many hours into The Elder Scrolls Skyrim gameplay, Skyrim Anniversary Edition and always enjoyed the aspect of flying dragons even though it was very limited. So, when I found this new game Century: of Ashes with a medieval Vikings, knight classes and RPG character customization options I was really surprised to see nobody playing it; so I thought I’d find out why? The game is free to play with cosmetic only items that don’t detract from the skill-based gameplay. If you enjoy the Skyrim multiplayer mod you may also enjoy Century of Ashes.

➖ Time Stamps ➖
0:00 Why is it dead?
2:45 Intro Cinematic
4:02 Dragon Tutorial Mechanics
8:20 Quick Overview
9:00 My first PVP Battle
11:05 Hatching the dragon egg
11:43 Shop: Pay vs Play
13:08 Dragon Lore
13:43 Treasure Hunting Game Mode
15:42 Deathmatch Game Mode
17:36 Customisation Options
18:40 Growing a Full Dragon
19:03 Final Review (First Impressions)

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  1. It was a nice game, although pretty laggy for me. BUT then it just did not work anymore from one day to another. Requires the newest Windows/DX or some shit. I googled, but there was no way to get to play again. Very sad.

  2. WOW, this isn't Skyrim it's Savage Skies! I played on PS2 when I was barely a sapient being, it's incredible to see the gameplay translated, even the weird slidy collision survived!

  3. There wyverns not dragons they don't have 4 let's none of them

  4. Yeah, I actually don't recommend this game. You get paired with people 20+ levels higher than you, weekly quests break ALL the time, its riddled with bots and cheaters that never get banned, and overall its just not fun to play.

  5. I have it for Xbox. Was a super fun game. My reason for not continuing to play was lack of maps. And felt very repetitive.

  6. It’s not even a new game tbh, it’s based off of the Eragon game for psp

  7. With the game releasing on PlayStation tomorrow (sep 26) I expect this game to get a pretty big boost

  8. I think marketing is the problem here. I never heard of it til now. Asked some of my buddies and they never heard of it. Solid looking game and we're all gonna try it!

  9. When I played this for the first time it was one of the coolest games I've ever played..
    But after 2 weeks of playing I found that the Quests it makes you do don't give adequate rewards for your time. And another thing is when I wanted to play ranked, literally the first game I played I got in a 6 man Top 50 lobby. Maybe the game changed since then, but it just left a sour taste in my mouth and I don't feel I could connect to it again.

  10. It reminds me of … Falconeer?? … A similar game in which you fly on birds and fight in a similar way.

  11. If the game had a Story mode. I would have paid for the story mode and cosmetics.

  12. Be cool if you could upgrade/capture castles and defend your castles

  13. It's okay I'm going tbh not the greatest game ever its a grind thats not amazing and is very hard to advance coz you are matched with top tier players who play very often and just spawning will get you kill or crossing paths with them its also a bit of a fast paced game but I don't really think its at the point where it should be

  14. I played this game when it was new, it was terrible.

  15. im not interested because it's a "free to play multiplayer online battle game" and in general i don't like these games

  16. I just checked. This game is coming to ps4, tomorrow ha what atr the odds

  17. Its just flying around with dragons and blasting fireballs, after like 5 games, you've seen and done everything. Should have added more features like ground combat or add abit more depth to the game.

  18. The fact Skyrim can't replicate this sort of play has always irked me.

  19. I did see this game before its release last year (around October or November) and I put it in my wishlist on Steam but was a bit hesitant because it seemed like a "too good to be true" game. So I was going to wait until after release to decide and between it mysteriously disappearing from my wishlist and the very bad reviews right after launch I kind of just forgot about it…

  20. I dunno why this game didn’t soar during the release of house of dragon it’s really good the just need to add more content it’s very similar to for honor in relation to release and content available

  21. This game is typical ftp game. With typical problems. The player base is more or less non-existent. It's full of cheaters. It's a mess. Save your time and play something else.

  22. why do peeps keep messing up wyverns and dragons omg

  23. theres even a bethseda game kinda like Skyrim on mobile

  24. Game looks sick lookswise. need these designs in a GoT RPG. Just a flying fighting game is a bit boring. Can you fight with weapons pvp?

  25. PVP only and has an atrocious wait system, that's why no one plays it.

  26. I just downloaded it o have been looking for a good dragon game for years

  27. I wish ark survival had different size and dragons like this .

  28. That game was released almost a year ago and it is everything but fun, it is extremely difficult to hit anything at the same time you fly the damn Dragon, very frustrating!!

  29. Don't fall for play to win games. You're only encouraging them to make more casino like video games.

  30. I understand why nobody play.

    That's look pretty bad and boring.

  31. There is now a pve mode. Biggest issue of this game is the lack of content.

  32. LOL

    THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO THAT GAME Century: of Ashes ?






  33. Eso, did you ever play a game called Divine Divinity ego draconis or Dragonkight Saga

    The game has a good mechanic for dragons

  34. I remember playing in a beta or play test and didn’t know it was out

  35. I personally play this game and in my opinion I love it, it genuinely is the Skyrim dragon flight that I always wanted, its kinda hard to get new dragons and such without the battle pass but you definitely don't need to pay to win, I don't buy the battle pass and I'm a decent rider, the things you get from it are mainly cosmetic or customizables

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