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X Games LA 2013 — Big Air Flying and Vert Spinning

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Bob Burnquist smashes his face into 3rd, Tom Schaar spins a 900 and ends up in 2nd, and Elliot Sloan takes the gold in Big Air. Vert continues to be dominated by Bucky Lasek, Pierre Luc Gagnon tre flips into 2nd, and Andy Mac turns 40 and takes home a bronze.

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  1. i use to love big air, thex games were jake took that nasty fall and bob was doing switch heels over the gap. Now it just feels so repetitive.

  2. I feel kinda outta the loop here, was this dude the first to pull the big 9 since Tony Hawk, or is it like a more doable thing now?

  3. Bob Burnquest did one some time ago on a mega ramp, fakey to fakey.
    Never seen anyone apart from Tony do one on a half pipe

  4. sandro diaz and tas pappas did ones after tony.

  5. its still a hard trick, but not "the hardest", and not in big air.

  6. always the same 3 guys winning vert doing the same shit every year

  7. Vert looks like a mini ramp compared to that dinosaur sized big air mind fuck of a contraption.

  8. Big tricks, big ramps, and bigger ramps. Check out @X Games Big Air and Vert highlights. Birdhouse Skateboards Elliot Sloan gets his first gold, and Bucky Lasek continues his unstoppable summer.

  9. thats an outro no awkward wierdness from "porpe" or "clem, from CA" ahahaha fuck those dudes

  10. It be weird if ppl had no thumbs to high five lol big air was epic skate

  11. buckey looks like a dirty pirate these days

  12. yeeeesss PLG!!!!! canada is becoming so good at skateing!!

  13. because he's been down since day one..all those dudes are like that..not all of them but a ton..some weird entitlement

  14. yeah they need to bring in a rail or something.

  15. Sure is right nobody can believe about how quickly you can get a virus

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