WW2 - Defending the B-17 Flying Fortress Against the Luftwaffe - Call of Duty United Offensive - gamenightuiuc.com

WW2 – Defending the B-17 Flying Fortress Against the Luftwaffe – Call of Duty United Offensive

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WW2 – Defending the B-17 Flying Fortress Against the Luftwaffe – Call of Duty United Offensive.

This is a video of the British Royal Air Force defending a B-17 Flying Fortress against the Luftwaffe during a mission over the English channel, simulated in Call of Duty United Offensive.

Call of Duty: United Offensive is a 2004 expansion pack for the first-person shooter video game Call of Duty. It was developed by Gray Matter Interactive, with contributions from Pi Studios, and published by Activision. It was released for Microsoft Windows on September 14, 2004.

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  1. Remember comrade, always use the star on your compass to see your current objective 🥔

  2. Who ever tried to shoot at one of the other B17's? At least it is something you can hit.

  3. Imagine an luftwafe is coming but the person only walking around

  4. I hate B 17 flying mission in all call of duty and i very hate on play in PSP

  5. I remember doing this as a kid. My copy of the game had a bug in it that a lot of the vehicles would "run out of ammo" making it that I had to conserve my shots.

  6. “Get to the dorsal gunner position.”

    “Let me go back to the already occupied tail-gunner position again and see if that’s where I’m supposed to be.”

  7. These need to be remastered best games ever

  8. Man I didn't know United Offence had a B-17 mission I just remember the Big Red One B-24 mission

  9. Great! But man, remember the TWO SECOND bursts! They help a LOT!

  10. The Pilot: Doyle Bogie on our 6'oclock
    Doyle: HaVe YoU nOt HeArD oF a TaiL gUnNeR

  11. Funny an american bomber with english accent…

  12. Who else is here feeling that this was way better than the B-17 mission in “MOH: Above and Beyond”?

  13. Fun fact :
    Doyle is a Scottish
    He appeared in COD 3

  14. Doyle would be swimming in Victoria Crosses

  15. 1:33 It doesn't take multiple 88mm. Flak AA shells to bring down a bomber.

  16. I hate it, when gunners can't lead in front of the targets.

  17. When they said Skipper my mind says Kowalski analysis

  18. I can't imagine how to survive in this situation😱

  19. Wow, it seems Doyle wiped out all of the Luftwaffe in just one mission.

  20. xX_Insert_cool_username_here_Xx (formerly Alexis) says:

    Skipper from penguins of Madagascar?

  21. This seemed so real and immersive back in the day xD

  22. "remember when call of duty was realistic"

    Shows them RAF B-17 bombing during daylight wearing American gunner outfits* "you look at this and tell me CoD's realistic"

  23. I’ve been saying this for years but someone needs to make a First Person, Multiplayer WW2 Bomber game. The enemy and other friendly planes being bots. It would be so cool to play with your friends.

  24. The Lancaster is cooler than the B17 but the B24 trumps all other WW2 bombers.

  25. When i was a kid this game graphics use to so beautiful but now im older im questioning my self on how i see the world when i was young

  26. Ok is nobody gonna talk abt the fact that doyle had to do everything while there still was the other waist gunner the navigator the bomb aiming dude

  27. If it's 1941 was B-17E even in wide use yet? Also, why are the 109s so slow?

  28. Как играют американцы:
    – жесткие тупняки
    – пулемет – это лазер, упреждение не нужно
    – цель на 11 часов, это значит смотреть на 9

  29. Those Browning 50 Cals are amazing keep on shooting and shooting and shooting and never overheat. Just kidding, I think I heard in an interview they could only Blast for about three or four seconds anything beyond that and the barrels would overheat to the point where they were useless. Looks like a fun game to play

  30. bro at 4:22 he was shooting an allied plane. he's kinda bad at this

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