World Flight | Meta Quest 2 Game Preview -

World Flight | Meta Quest 2 Game Preview

Lipnox VR
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This game lets you fly across the ENTIRE Earth in VR on your Quest 2!

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  1. Awful flight model almost impossible to land no matter what speed and configuration of flaps it’s a shame as has loads of potential

  2. I love it it satisfies my need to be a pilot fly over my hometown of fort Walton Beach Florida and it's very fun graphics aren't the best but hey it gives me what I need

  3. Thank you for your video. Is is possible to use a HOTAS (external flightstick and throttle) with this game? Thanks.

  4. Almost impossible to land – by a pilot!!

  5. Closest thing you’ll get to real life on the quest

  6. I have this hoever my view is not so good, cant see building like you? Did not see the Eiffeltower?

  7. This looks great. Thanks for showing.

  8. Any way for the general public have a try? Link?

  9. This looks terrifying but super cool too. Can't wait to see our hometown.

  10. Is that California after a big earth quake @ 2:34 ? 😀

  11. We would love it the development adds modding community just like Simple planes VR. This flight sim would take off with mod support.

  12. Do you feel like you are flying,like in MSFS 2020 in VR?

  13. There should be a pre-released date si that we could get it once It launchea

  14. Nice video buddy.
    I can't wait to give this a try.
    Hope the dev releases it soon. ☺️👍
    Had to come back just to leave a comment. 😁

  15. When you said they should add a radio, thought it would be cool to have an internet radio to give us the local station from wherever you are flying over!

  16. im sorry but after playing MSFS 2020, I just can't. I'm sorry.

  17. I'm really looking forward to this game. I hope in the future the devs focus on the flight simulation aspect, bringing more airplanes, adding ATC to the airports, etc. Currently quest 2 has no good realistic flight simulator and this seem to be a very good foundation to build one.

  18. Hi mate, any updates as to when this will be made available to the public at all? I imagine it will end up on sidequest or/and app lab.

  19. Nice review, was curious about this game and some of the places look really great from high up! How was motion sickness? I've yet to find a flying game that doesn't make me want to vomit after 3 minutes…

  20. This is pretty cool. I applaud the dev for trying the best to create proper full open world flight sim rather than just succumb to cheap arcade machine-ish shooter or puzzle game that flood the market.

  21. This isn't bad for Quest! Great for people who don't want to shell out money for a big rig PC.

  22. not a game, it's Google Earth with flight sim interface – click any point in the world and you're right there, already high in the air. This app completely blows my mind – even though close-ups are pretty awesome, in regular flight heights, it's absolutely legit. Quest 2 shouldn't be running this at all. Especially great just natural landscapes around the world. Chopper is awesome cool.

  23. I really like the look of this. ^_^
    I can't find any info anywhere about which planes or helicopters are available. Do you know anything about this?

  24. Date AND time you say smirks

    I have to ask is the Boeing 767 in the game

  25. Bring in a catalog of cockpit layouts for modern or common aircraft. Be a great way to train.

  26. bought it in a sec….. same as wander……best travel deal for your buck

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