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Why I Acquired Flying Colors (GMT Games)

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My decades long infatuation with the Age of Sail culminated with Flying Colors.

Designed by Mike Nagel
Published by GMT Games


  1. The 1st expansion Serpents of the Seas is up for p500 reprint on GMT right now for those interested. It contains smaller frigate actions as well as most of the US engagements from 1812, the Revolution, and the Quasi-War.

  2. Good ramble😁 I turned out not to like the tactical side of things as much as I expected but then discovered Beat to Quarters expansion on wargamevault – it's excellent, allows me to focus on firing guns rather than individual ships maneouvering

  3. Welcome to this just outstanding system – one of the few wargames I've bought twice (my original copy is relegated to playing live against opponents sitting across from me; the deluxe edition is for my own solo and Vassal play; I like mapping out a PBEM Vassal game on my desk with this system). I'm envious – you have hours of enjoyment ahead of you with that special "Experiencing a game for the first time" flavor. FC never gets old, always surprises and has a depth to it that isn't apparent on first playing. And as for O'Brian – what are you waiting for??? Read the next 16 NOW (I found the final volumes not up to his original skill levels; he dips from "Immortal God" to merely "Pure Genius"- so what! 🙂) Enjoy both your plays and your reads; I find them inseparable.

  4. Outstanding series that flies under the radar. I would love to see some Flying colors content on your channel in the future. It is underrepresented on youtube.

  5. I just got a copy myself.. Now I just need someone to play with.

  6. I got this some time ago and felt a bit overwhelmed by the scope and size of everything as I'm new to this type of game. I may have bitten off more than i can chew so to speak.

  7. Would love to hear some after action comments once you break this out

  8. Time to bring back Battlefleet Gothic!!!

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