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We Shot Siren Head with Flying Cars! – (BeamNG Multiplayer Races & Crashes)

Camodo Gaming
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We Shot Siren Head with Flying Cars! – (BeamNG Multiplayer Races & Crashes) Today in BeamNG Camodo Gaming is back with the Police Escape, crashes, races & more. We are playing with the multiplayer mod in BeamnG Drive Mod Gameplay. We are also checking out some other mods.

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  1. does anyone know when this map will be released?

  2. This is taking Kamikaze to a whole another level

  3. Camodo do a brigeworm video with O.B,Brandon,Spy and Keyin

  4. The cars are bullets and your shooting siren head

  5. Camodo Go up the hill in the crashard map with a couple of players and a couple of players will go down the hill trying to hit the other players if someone makes up into the waterfall the climbing team wins

  6. love your videos camodo umm can you in beam ng go to the big hill and maby pit a bunck of bulldozers at the top amd try to doge them in walking mobe and use a pigeon to run away from them??

  7. the mod's not broken. the more airflow over the wings the more lift, the more speed the more airframe stress, which means the higher an angle the control surfaces are at, the more aerodynamic drag is conducted, limiting the amount of speed possible safely. and because those cars have… well the back of a car means that the elevators get a minimal amount of airflow while trying to conduct maneuvers. and while in a dive, the amount of airflow is too much, so the cars probably have either and autolimiter, or the more stress on the control surface means that the control transmitting method would be overwhelmed by the pressure, because the airflow would want the surface to stay "straight" thus meaning that… u should probably stay at low speeds. or the higher the better, meaning more airflow over critical surfaces, if the control transmitting method is strong and secure. 🙂

  8. Oil comes out the mouth puke comes out the exghuast

  9. "oh there's a fence"
    Yes and it replaced the car with a pancake

  10. next time do the the same thing but with the gravil vertex

  11. Hey I never knew Comodo Kart was a thing

  12. 15:40 siren head for all the losers who only care about the title thing and not comado

  13. Jogo incrivelmente legal 👍 como na vida real, quem gosta deste jogo?

  14. Has someone noticed that once camodos intro that only says camodo nd sub it sounds like (Camodo Gaming is Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack)

  15. Stump my feet stump my feet indominus feet

  16. When camodo try to take off instead he did a barrol roll that was cool

  17. Camodo can you bring back sinking survival tuesday and scrap mechanic? I miss the good old days 🙁

  18. hey camodo how did you get BeamenNG drive

  19. Youre dog is cute in love Him or her teach Youre dog how to Play stormworks

  20. Im Eating lucky charms also im in germeny dont axe me

  21. i,m a Boy but I love it and i'm a big Fan

  22. Camodo: Looks behind (Slams super hard into fence) OH! Theres a fence .
    Me: …. =P

  23. 9:31
    That means it has the same gun that the A10 Warthog has, because Warthogs have to pich down a little so they dont stall bc of the gun recoil

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