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We Shot Flying Cars Out of the Air with the INSANE Cannon Car in BeamNG Multiplayer!

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Welcome to BeamNG.drive! Today I am joined by SimplyChris and we test out the amazing multiplayer mod for BeamNG! As usual chaos ensues, we race Lamborghinis, crush cars, turn invisible, fly JATO cars, and shoot them out of the sky with a cannon car! The Gavril Vertex NA is amazing! So many options. Enjoy!


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  1. Ctop:what's better than a cannon car?
    Simply chris:what?
    Ctop:a Christmas tree on a car!
    Me listening:(says yeah cause I like watching ctop)

  2. Who got the nation widecad after this vid lol

  3. I'm probably gonna add the jeto bus usage record on world globe records book in camping category marked "Le Ctop" XD

  4. Jesus . Ctop freakin makes the best jatos

    You thought i wzs gonna say videos werent you?

  5. if bat man turn in to a cube then they call him cube man papam pam

  6. A form of question Chris? xD. Oh no I am an Italian meatball- Simply Ittalianos

  7. The car gets too damaged it resets by itself

  8. Sæt top og love You love You giv😵‍💫👏👍 vil det sige one-Iver er en der Koi

  9. 😵‍💫 what ikke sige til en tur gå

  10. Oh no 8m a spicy meatball that is because I’m hot as in temperature

  11. Crop should use jdos to nose dive straight in to the ground

  12. Today on bottom gear
    I try to fly up a mountain in a bus.

    (You guys finish it!)

  13. lambos actully are italian they are an italian brand

  14. RIP Ctop last words “ i’m gonna launch my thrusters when I’m in the air OH NO!

  15. i have been watching you for so long i still love watching you

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