WarThunder PC - Flying FIRST Jet!! w/Thrustmaster HOTAS Flight RIG! | SLAPTrain - gamenightuiuc.com

WarThunder PC – Flying FIRST Jet!! w/Thrustmaster HOTAS Flight RIG! | SLAPTrain

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Wheel Setup #1
Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel
T3PA Pedals
TH8A Shifter
TX Adaptor Link

Wheelstandpro RGS Side Shifter Attachment
Custom Ebay Handbrake link
GoPro Hero 3+
Gaming Chair :
KontrolFreeks – SpeedFreeks

Check out Thrustmaster & WheelStandPro Websites for yours

Wheel Setup #2

Fanatec V2.5 Base
Clubsport wheel Add-on
CSL Pedals w/Load cell brake
Wheelstandpro Custom chassis
Derek Speare Designs Button Box

Music Used by
Chuki HipHop –

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  1. How did you get a jet so quickly..I played this game so much and never got a jet..did you buy it with eagles..or research?
    Edit:Realized it’s a frenz account

  2. Love the videos, keep up the great work🤟🏽

  3. The P-51 mustang is my Favorite plane, it was flown by African american called the Tuskegee airman, if you want more information, watch Red Tails slaptrain

  4. Just orderd my fh4 copy….I know I'm late but again !!!

  5. Honestly war thunder is a seriously fun game, i have almost 2 weeks worth of in game time on war thunder, actually a fair bit to do. On top of that you have tanks and ships to play with. Only bad thing is, mouse and keyboard players(bad for cross play) and gaijin them selfs because there logic is pure stupid.

  6. Love the flying games but maybe make these vids a bit longer cause I’d be down to watch a half an hour vid on this

  7. BRUH! I was wondering when this was coming since I seen you in that round with me that day!! fucking awesome seeing you in WarThunder and getting to fly wit you for a match

  8. more videos of this pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasssss

  9. Hey slap I will give a tip. Shoot ahead of the plane you will have more chances to hit the ennemi

  10. Red = Negative G's, meaning: wanna loose brain cells?
    Grey into Black = Positive G's, meaning: nap time?

  11. Yo Slap Train when there's going to be a next top 10 drifts of the week

  12. you can go above 3k meters you just have to not stall climb like you did, try climbing at 20 degrees in the jet and youll go to space

  13. As if u are playing war thunder I play this on xbox slap

  14. I've been playing war thunder for like 3 years now and you don't know how much I've wanted that setup rig… legit all I need and want for pc games

  15. You should play crew 2 with that setup do the plane stunt missions 😀

  16. whoa, slap plays warthunder,
    thats a new thing

  17. I just playing Carx and your video notification pops up

  18. How long have you been playing WT for?, I had been playing for 3 years and I’m better than you for sure even at tanks

  19. So i just bought duel sticks for star citizen. How would duel sticks work on flight sims or games like war thunder? Planes instead of space ships? Would duel stick work or would i have to invest in a normal throttle?

  20. dude how did you set up your hotas to this game i go to the control wizard set up and it refuses to accept my thrustmasters 16000

  21. Try making a simulator out of an actual cockpit.

  22. i keep having trouble getting my Warthog recognized by War Thunder, other games recognize them just fine, how did you get yours to work

  23. I recently figuerd out how to Chang e game modes so I went into realistic and now I fly first person

  24. When in a death spiral simply relax, let go of the stick, and push the opposite direction rudder. Works everytime

  25. Never would have thought of this happen slaptrain playing war thunder damn mate i remember drifting with you on forza 4 and here you are on war thunder one of my favourite games great vid

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