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War Thunder – P-51C-10 “Flying With Bismarck!”

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The P-51 B/C has been a plane that I have been waiting for half a decade to be added to the game! I was so hyped to finally get into the air with this thing and I found an old War Thunder Wingman from the past to come along.

Bismarck’s Stuff! =

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  1. Because of bismarck i had to go listen to red solo cup again against my better judgement, please make a soundcloud bismarck

  2. Honestly can’t tell this difference between Bismark and Toby Keith


  4. He was kinda close to the tempo at the beginning of the song

  5. Why did Germany lose the war?

    Bismarck before Red Solo Cup: A multitude of factors including manpower, industrial production, and financial.

    Bismarck after Red Solo Cup: They messed with the bull and got the horns.

  6. Fun fact:There is a town in north dakota called Bismarck

  7. :germany bismarck: lets fire an 400 IB shell at the iowa :iowa: the heck is an 6000000 IB shell? :yamato: omg I will rip your ass off

  8. A 36 with gun pods is really fun. 10x 50cal

  9. love your content but have you considered lowering the "your engine volume"?

  10. did you know that the bismark was a german battle ship

  11. Ahhhhhhhhh i liv in Texas and that was very not Texan like

  12. And yet, that was somehow a thousand times better than the original…

    Love Toby Keith, but my Lord. But that one was just dumb. Really dumb.

  13. Anybody notice this plane has the same paint scheme as the pilots in the movie Red Tails?

  14. When you get a lot of kills in realistic mode. That shows ur aim is good

  15. 8:42 that was the smoothest, sexiest kill i've seen someone do

  16. I wish I had teammates like y'all. Minus the singing. I need better escorts though with my bombers

  17. Imagine falling apart in mid-air

    This post was made by Inteceptor gang

  18. The moment i heard red solo cup i had to take a lap

  19. best country artist ever! more please cowboy bizmark

  20. Oh Bismarck, let’s not be too American, or even Texan at this point…

  21. Is anyone else reminded of that movie redtails by Bo's paintjob? It was a movie made by lucasfilms about the Tuskegee airmen, which if you dont know was a volunteer group of African American fighter pilots who served in ww2. Pretty good movie if you ask me, and it's on disney+

  22. Tonight on bo time gaming: Bismarck sings a song, Bo cringes, and I realize there's no 3rd person to complete this top gear intro.

  23. I blacked out while he was singing and woke up at a river in Austin with a beer in my hand thank you for that 🤝

  24. oh the current update now bismarck would’ve been ok had it been this update then

  25. “You can not take the sensei out of the sensei.” 😂

  26. lol instead of machine guns manner guns for the p63

  27. Argh, stop Bismarck from singing, my ears bleed. One more time and I will be deaf.

  28. Ya… I can see it now…
    Secdef doing .50 Cal maths…
    "Boys… we need more dakka"

  29. Pyörremyrsky means Hurricane (I’m Finnish)

  30. I'd be worried about getting demonetized with how perfect that karaoke version is…

  31. Im just wondering, I've been losing golden eagles every battle, and I was wondering if that was happening to you. If that does, could you tell me how to fix it?

  32. Thank you for the cool vid😊
    I think this skill can handle Japanese super robots.

    it's name Getter Robo that combines three fighters.

  33. El p51c es facil de maneobrar ademas de ser rapido, es casi igual a la maniobrabilidad del f4u corsair…. Me gustan tus videos.

  34. bismarks song sounds like a rapper trying to rap with a terrible hangover.

  35. Hey bo or anyone for that matter um how do you get all the facts at the side just wanted to know bc im a player too

  36. I think he should maybe not rap like that again lol

  37. POV ur from finland and americans are talking about finish aircraft

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