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War Thunder Beginner’s Guide to Flying / How to Fly / Air Combat Tutorial

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Watch this, git gud! Energy fighting, boom and zoom, turn fighting, whatever. Here’s all you need to get started.

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00:00 – Intro
00:21 – Controls
01:03 – Basic air combat principles
04:07 – Know your plane
04:45 – Drain opponent’s energy
05:15 – Exploit opponent’s plan
05:56 – Know your enemy
06:20 – Always climb
06:52 – The right moment to shoot
07:09 – Gun convergence
07:39 – Don’t get greedy!
08:12 – Minimize time on target
08:44 – Deflection shots
09:23 – Be sneaky
09:55 – Burst fire rules
10:09 – Pick your fights

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  1. Why is warthunder so fuxking complicated? What i need to do math in the middle of the damn match?

  2. Can I use a joystick with this game?

  3. What mouse button do I press for large gun? 🫤🫤🫤

  4. This game is Ass so dont waste time on these tutorials

  5. I have a question, if someone is behind me, what do I do? cuz I get killed 100% of the times and when Im behind someone he always somehow avoids me

  6. R.I.P. Im gonna buy a pc in a few months, with all the stuff. I looove history, so also war. I discovered this game, but now i see… its more theory than practice XD, i will try still but ye, i wanted to say, thx to explain a game like this !

  7. What additional or different advice would you give when flying aircraft in Ground RB? The air battles are generally at a lower altitude, are mostly tied to allowing or denying a single type of attack (ground strike), and AA is a lot more deadly.

  8. I'll try to implement these rules in air combat at "enlisted"….
    nichts desto troz, ein klasse video 😀

  9. Extrem nices Video 😀 hat mir echt weitergeholfen! Weiter so!

  10. There's still honor and chivalry in air combat. Or at least i hope

  11. My planes turn slow AF. p51 with shitty maneuvering

  12. How do i set convergence? I cant find the settung

  13. This is sooooo helpful and fun! Thanks bro! Btw are u German?

  14. Any advice on console controls? Need to find someone. Seems to be wayy different to set up….

  15. "Best tips for War Thunder (WT) I ever heard if you did not fly before in some other simulator games or you are IRL pilot tho I do not see why would those play war thunder since it is arcade game for people that never flew a plane or knew anything about them so here it goes :

    1* It requires 1 year of gameplay to become an average player. If you think you are not up for it, delete the game right now.

    2 *You need to be shot down 2 million+ times to realize how to avoid that and finally learn what you did wrong and what your enemy did right. Adopt that and start to use it, or maybe even improve on it.

    3 * Learn aim first, and that is done in arcade, so play lots of arcade until you get good at aiming. Tactics you learn by playing realistic battles and being shot down trillions of times, doing the same mistake over and over until, again, you figure out what you are doing wrong and what your opponent did right.

    4 * Stick to just a couple of planes. Remember, even real pilots fly only a couple of planes in battles, so you do the same."

    As soon as you did this congratulations you are now officially lost so much productive time from your life and are now average WT player welcome to the club! o7

  16. Good guide. I have 20,000+ Air RB kills and my advice is 'fly to not die'. If you stay alive you'll probably get more points and kills as the skies thin out of fighters. Even the very best pilots will struggle when outnumbered by a swarm of 3 or more enemies. Don't bother with head to head kills. Although sometimes you have no choice, if you can avoid it do so and get yourself in a better position. Also don't fight at a disadvantage. Disengage if you can and, you guessed it get yourself in a better position. Apart from some very basic manoeuvres like an Immelman or Split S don't try to learn air combat manoeuvres and then 'force' them into your game. Every dogfight is different. You have to learn to fly instinctively and the best way to do that is just to try, try and try again. It's an unforgiving environment and there is no fast way to learn except experience. I also realise players want to get on to the better aircraft as soon as possible but I recommend flying at low tiers for as long as possible so you can pick up air combat skills. I usually fly an aircraft about 30 times in Air RB before I move on to the next aircraft. It's very important to build up a knowledge of the capability of your own and enemy aircraft and if you fly the same aircraft over and over again you will learn everything about it….which will come in handy later on when you meet an enemy flying the same aircraft. One last thing. Use the C key a lot! Always scan behind you, above you, below you, to the sides. Good luck, stick with it and you will get better.

  17. My biggest tip for air: teamwork makes the team work

    If everyone is flying solo and being selfish you won’t win, and winning gives your extra sl and rp. And helping eachother can give you easy kills and assists

  18. The thing I don’t like about BnZ, even though it’s the only tactic I’m decent at, is that you’re defenseless while zooming away, at least in my experience

    Let’s say I zoom on a plane, well if I miss they ALWAYS just turn right around and follow me while I’m zooming away. Sure I’m a little faster but since I Mm going in a straight line( because trying to dodge removes basically all your energy) I’m just an easy target

  19. can you make a tutorial video like this but for flightstick/joystick players like myself I need a guide for joystick please…

  20. unclear, I got shot down 3000 times and got called a skill issue

  21. bro i failed in physics so idk what enegy u were talking abt there mate

  22. Whenever I choose an opponent I dive down to attack them and once I have them I get hit from behind and even if I break off I get chased how do I stop this from happening

  23. To everyone else struggling, I have 500 hours in Air Battles. I have made it to rank 3 in a singular nation and consistently place last with no kills. Compare yourself to me and say, “Hey, at least I’m better than that astrocyte (or neuron, depending on whether you adhere to the glial or neuronal doctrine) lacking pilot named Pseudo.” Then go and do just as bad as me in your next mission.

  24. I'm so lost I don't know anything😭

  25. i always try to climb a bit at the beginning of every match, but most people stay at 1k/1,5k altitude. So, sometimes the first minutes 2k above them since i do not want to dive

  26. Bestes Video was dieses Thema angeht. Danke dir

  27. Is it tips for the game or physics class 🤷‍♂️

  28. What happens if you have to fight a f-16 in a p-35a?

  29. Кирилл Владимирович says:

    Ну и нахера по-аглицки?

  30. How do you find out if it’s a boom and zoom, an energy fighter, so on.

  31. Man I win rounds, get kills and still rage quit.

  32. Man I cant even get my plane to fly steady

  33. “Right in the middle sit the 109s and the yaks, which are very versatile, but rely heavily on your piloting skill.” That would explain why I prefer the FW-190 to the BF-109

  34. when you title a video with ''begginer'' you shouldn't namedrop 30,000 planes in the first 5 minutes.

  35. im sure this is a great guide but it doesnt help me when the settings have different names in game.

    for example there is no accelerate or decelerate option in settings, i only see thrust axis which i cant change

    i cant even see a Zoom option anywhere

  36. even though I'm kinda bad at air and always find myself get 1 shot by mostly any enemy I encounter this guide helped me a lot and taught me that running away isn't such a bad strategy

    (i retreat to my airbase after almost every kill but it still works)

  37. How can you tell which type of fighter you’ve got?

  38. hiphiphura germans know this sentence cooles video

  39. i cant find a comment asking this' but how do i know my type of plane (boom and zoom, etc)? is there a list or something?

  40. 1:02 zoom, do you mean “zoom axis”? Or “targeting optics view”? There is no “zoom” function, this game is so confusing that I had to look up a tutorial for decent key binds..

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