WAIT... This Open World Superman-Inspired Game Is Looking Amazing! | New In Gaming - gamenightuiuc.com

WAIT… This Open World Superman-Inspired Game Is Looking Amazing! | New In Gaming

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Check out this upcoming Open-World Action Combat game made by 1 PERSON ONLY! ‘Undefeated’ is a work-in-progress and is looking absolutely outstanding from this one developer. Huge props to him!
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  1. The combat has my attention. I will try it.

  2. It was always possible to make a good superman game.

  3. These guys taking way too long with this game lmao

  4. Megaton rainfall is the most closed to a superman game
    you can travel the entire universe and planets in 1;1 scale

  5. Bring 2 superman 1 from one universe and other from another universe. 2nd one is the villian. 2 impossible hero and villian. How good is it ?
    Ofcourse Superman has weakness around 15 or so…

  6. Ayo if someone can find this version of undefeated please dm me a link

  7. all the powers are gone in the full game alls youj can do is fly and shoot ranged shurikin looking things

  8. it's been already 1 year is there no update going on?

  9. is there a way to play this version of the game??? The one on steam is good but nowhere near this level.

  10. How do you get the heat vision/laser eyes ive been trying to figure it out and still havent found out please help im on pc

  11. Not gonna lie, I would pay big money 💰 to play a GOOD Superman game. 👍

  12. man i wish the finished game looked as good as this with all the powers

  13. I’ll play the superman video game if it comes out on ps5

  14. how are you playing this version of the game? when i downloaded it on steam it was like nothing like this

  15. Why is the real game not so good line the game in the vid ?

  16. Anyone know when we'll get an update to this, I own the game but never saw anything for this version of the game

  17. where do i play the game like what is shown in half of the video

  18. This video simply shows what can when if superman gets angry on humans. 😂😂😂😂

  19. I hope we can choose to be evil if we wanted.
    I'd love a Superman style murder simulator

  20. Superman can do whatever he wants…

  21. The gravitational coefficient should be increased a little bit.

  22. Will this be available on Xbox or is it not yet known?

  23. Are there any updates on this new version of this game? The footage looks sick

  24. I’d love it if you could play as either Superman, Homelander or Omni-Man (characters that are based around them obviously because they could be sued) where they all have their own special ability, and each of the, have higher stats in certain things.

  25. can you provide a download link for the downloadable demo?

  26. Easy fix: just create enemies that are as strong as superman. Bizarro, doomsday, lobo, ect… And introduce kryptonite for fux sake

  27. Where can I find the copy of the game in the footage in the video?

  28. The problem is that gamers will kill civilians,and whole point of the superman is to save the day

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