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VR PVP & Parkour Game | Flying in Wadality | Trailer

Manerai Games
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Get ready to soar like a bird and experience the ultimate freedom of movement in our VR parkour and PvP game. With breathtaking aerial acrobatics, you’ll flap your hands to fly and navigate through exciting virtual environments.

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Wadality VR is an online battle arena, with unique flying locomotion and incredible freedom of movement. Unique weapons, tools, combinations and different strategies will allow you to develop your own fighting style. You can experience all that through VR and literally be there.

Challenge other players in intense multiplayer battles, test your skills and push your limits. Not only will you have a blast, but you’ll also get a great workout, burning calories and feeling the thrill of the chase.

Join the immersive VR world today and experience the ultimate adrenaline rush in this unique and exciting game. So, put on your VR headset, grab your controllers, and get ready to fly!

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  1. . I DIDNT KNOW THAT THE PRESENTS OPEN pls tell me how to fix bug (on my channel

  2. How do you get to other apps like the cargo map?

  3. is it me, or is it when first played the game I cant duel weld the same weapon? Great work btw Keep it up!

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