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Unreal Engine Beginner Tutorial | Space Shooter Game | Part 1 | Learning To Fly

Parker Winton
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In this video you are going to learn how to build a very simple space flying game using Unreal Engine and Blueprint. The goal here is to create a starting point that you will be able to expand on through learning how the Unreal Engine works. We will create a new project and adjust the Character Blueprint in order to create a smoother flying experience.

This course will be using Blueprints which is an easy way to quickly dive into game development and begin understanding the logic that is involved with creating a video game. Beginners should be able to follow along and if any problems come up feel free to comment below any questions.

Suggested programs to follow along in the series:

Unreal Engine 4:

Blender (free opensource 3D modeling software)

GIMP (Photo Editing Software) :

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  1. The default flying project should be what you made. lmao

  2. Unreal Engine 5 doesn't seem to have a Games > Flying template. Guessing could fire up UE4, start the project, then open it in UE5 to convert it?

  3. Really appreciated this series. It was exceptionally helpful.

  4. This was super informative and super easy to follow along! Keep the good work!

  5. Just found it very nice job doing your tutorial for learning 🙂

  6. Subbed I hope this series got continued 😀

  7. Aight so the tutorial is helpful and all but you've got to speak up mate

  8. for some reason mine spins uncontrollably

  9. Using UE5 there is no Flying Template!

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