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Unreal Engine 4 – Improved Flying – With Animation

Titanic Games
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In this video I show how to allow your character to fly like superheros fly.
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  1. Thanks I needed this video I subscribed to see more great videos. Thanks again

  2. can you please make another tutorial to show how to make a custom playable character from using fbx and how to get it ?

  3. Will this work with a first person controller? Also, do I need to follow along with the first flying tutorial before doing this one?


  5. hey hello please answer my question tonight for me asian guy, question is
    " do you know how to make in game something like a flower which ones you step upon it it'll floats you around but i don't know maybe letter to give it path following system but please if you no anything ,anything at all about this let me know,thanks as a matter of fact i am designing a hut game through graphic design compony iin creative department just for the information.

  6. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible for you to show us how to make the character roll while flying. Such as pressing q and e to change the pitch. Because I'm having hard time trying to figure out where to even begin with.

  7. why i havent go IK foot… onmixamo model ?

  8. Could this be applied to cars to make flying cars?

  9. Hey, bud! Great tutorial and all but I'm quite in a pinch here since adobe mixamo is no longer allowing us to download animation to ue4 fbx file. Sure, I can download the regular fbx but the skeleton the I get from it is different (I don't get the 'root' instead I have hips and other different bones) and I'm having issues with retargeting. Could you possibly help us out? Maybe do a tutorial on how to retarget this regular fbx file?

  10. dude please help me, i wanna add in the fly fbx but they don't do it 🙁

  11. Is there any way to make the shift from flying to walking automatic, like if your at a certain distance from the ground it would change the movement type.

  12. I'm really happy that you Titanic Games guys are doing all this for free, you really help out people who are learning.
    For learning purposes I'm trying to develop a movement system for my character, which would include normal walking, running(or sprinting), jumping and flying and you guys cover pretty much everything, that's really great! Altough there some few customisations that I want to achieve and I still couldn't figure out… Is there any chance I could have any help from you?

  13. How do I get a different animation for going backwards? I was able to get side to side animation working, but when i hold s to go backwards, it goes into the flying animation… no matter how i tweak the blendspace.. I'm just trying to use the jump loop animation for backwards travelling.

    any help?

  14. How can I get the player to fly using strafing

  15. Hi friend! I have a question – when the character is flying – how do you make it so that the character does not get dragged in direction of past movement inputs? So that it moves only in the direction the camera is facing, instead of its direction of velocity being a sum of past inputs? I tried StopMovementImmediatly and applying larger scale value for AddMovementInput, but the character flies way to slow regardless of the scale…

  16. Hey titanic games, is there anyway for doing Ai for airplanes? I want to have commercial planes takeoff and landing from my airport, but i can't find a way to make it work.

  17. So now i can make some anthem shit thanks alot mate

  18. Awesome Tuts! One thing, I can't figure out why the second I hit 'F' I immediately start flying in the direction i'm looking…. and the wsad gets disabled? I can't brake!

  19. Thank you, kind sir. Your tutorials are great! Glad I found this channel.

  20. are you allowed to use the animations on a product you're making money off of?

  21. why when i import the animation after skeleton the animation doesnt show just opens skeleton

  22. what if i add a custom chaarter there is no blueprint and when i create it then what

  23. How can I apply this on a custom character ? How do I do the full blueprint animation for a new character

  24. The pose isnt working. i make sure its the same pose but nothing

  25. Hi i know this is 1 year later but i need some help on the animation part. Currently im using the free assets twinblast paragon character in particular, when my character flys up his lower half down the waist sort of becomes like noodle strings and just waves left to right. IF ANYONE can help me that would be amazing.

  26. where to get the test male model skeleton ????

  27. When I press the F key after doing everything except things in previous video nothing happens, how does the animation from maximo work exactly ?

  28. Thank you. Helped allot, Just need to know how to float in air and then have fly and then super fly anim blueprint then Im set with character

  29. I have set up a bidimensional blendspace for animations because I have strafing for characters, and rotation direction decides which animation to use or to blend in.
    When I set my character to rotate to the direction of where the camera is pointing, it doesn't rotate my character exactly to that direction and the animation starts looking weird, kinda like it's pointing toward right a little bit, but the movement is forward, exactly where the camera is pointing.
    So I guess pointing to the camera direction isn't the best thing to do, especially if one wants to have little offset on their camera, like over the shoulder or something, it would rotate the character correctly.

  30. i can't get the skeleton to work. The animation doesn't even show
    Please help

  31. how can i change the flight animation when he flies up and down? pressing Q and E

  32. Could you make a tutorial on how to add a landing sequence after flying?

  33. I don't know why but 99 percent of what He says is Not there anymore so I don't know why that is but it' s probably an Update so could you please die an updated Version of this vidio

  34. Nice tutorial mate , but i'm not using the default skeleton BP , so i lost you around 7:20. That state machine thing messed me up

  35. u all plan on making an actual game or just going to make torturials

  36. Thanks for this tutorial it was really helpful

  37. Without blueprints? Or purchasing anything from the marketplace??

  38. Whenever I retarget the character it only shows the ue4 Mannequin and not my character and says it needs to show that character. And my head hurts.

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