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Unreal Engine 4 – Flying Movement

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In this video I show you how to setup flying movement for your characters and/or for any pawn in your game. If you have any questions or would like to know where to go from here please ask. And if you like the videos and want to see more, please consider supporting us on Patreon for more tutorials and great games to come.


  1. I need help: I can't look up or down. I tried adjusting look up to Q and to look down Z, but it doesn't do anything!! I've also tried to use other various keys, but I end up looking down when I push the Q key to look up. But Z does nothing. I need help!!

  2. This tutorial is a lifesaver! Only wish how to set the flying somewhat tighter.

  3. Is there a video that you have done, showing this from scratch at all? I get very irate when I am doing a human character and I get suggestions for airplanes and then when I want to do a Spaceship, I get human control videos. Could be autism, but what did I miss as this is the first video I have come across on the subject of flying? Thank you in advance.

  4. Thanks for the interesting and helpful video!
    How to implement the mechanics of the combat system from the game Darksiders III =
    Spikes of Contempt (Interested in the undulating movement of the whip).
    or Devil May Cry 2013 = Dante's whip,
    or god of war III = Blades of Chaos?
    I guess what can be implemented through: a guide curve
    Unreal Engine 4 Blueprint – Spline Spline?

  5. Finally I can move up my astronaut lol

  6. Thank you so much!!! After 6 years, everything works great!!!

  7. @906 variables 2 x Obsidian
    2 x Diamond
    5 x Redstone

  8. Hello!
    One question: can you change the character's animation when entering in "flying mode" pressing F? I mean, we could just use the default "falling" animation so that he seems fly magically.

  9. Have a qustion. If i started a blank game would this work? Or do i need to have a third person game

  10. Can you make a tutorial video where the character animation changes when you press 'f' so it looks like he is actually flying? this would help a lot thank you

  11. Your channel is a goldmine, my sincerest thanks for all your help

  12. Hi when I only go straight up or down my character rotates to face a specific direction (eg. when I start going up when he is facing to the right of cam he rotates to face the left) all the time.. but when i input a direction for him to go he goes the direction i want him to go. Is there a way to have him face the direction he was originally facing. Great Tut..

  13. Hi, can you please make a Flying AI Tutorial?

    The idea is having an AI space ship that follows uour ship and attack us when we are at sight, cero tutorials for this right now at youtube, please!

  14. i wish youtube would recomend your next video cuz right now i just wanna watch all ur videos. amazing job here, keep it up!

  15. I had seen this before but didn't need it (until now) Thank you

  16. how to stop this "swimming" effect and just change the x axis? i cant fint it in option, please help

  17. Hi all, i have a problem with that when press F and use Q or Z to move have a strange behaviour. When press Q go to up every time never stop on the air when stop press the key. This is the expect? In the video see a different behaviour. thx…

  18. im gonna try this with a Character Class applied to a VR pawn…i figured out jumping on my own…im in for a wild ride haha!

  19. almost a four year old tutorial and it is still gold!

  20. Why whenever i try to enter flying mode while falling, my character enters flying mode for a sec and then returns to walking mode again and keeps falling?

  21. technically this isn't Flying !! I was hoping for Banking Left and Right and I got Floating

  22. Control W just closed my application lol. Good thing I saved

  23. thank you so much. I was looking for a way to change altitude without panning the camera up at crazy angles. You made my life a lot easier.

  24. I have watched dozens of videos to try and figure this out and this is the first one that actually helped, thank you very much 🙂

  25. Great stuff. Effective and right to the point. For sure will be checking out many of your videos.

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