UNITY VR TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS: VR FLYING GAME [EASY] Oculus Quest/Rift/Vive/Index - gamenightuiuc.com


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In this short video I show you how to implement flying in the vr using unity.
Have fun!
I’m using oculus quest but the oculus Intergration is cross platform so it will work with any headset like htc Vive, valve index, oculus rift etc.
To learn how to set up project:Source code avaliable, Patreon:

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  1. This will work for OVRPlayerController? great video

  2. Hi, do you have any contact information that I could reach out to you at?

  3. Wonderful, so simple and works great. I did switch tot he right hand trigger and direction though as it felt more natural

  4. Thanks. How about to make an object have propulsion at the trigger, so I can make Ironman style rocket gloves with the OVRPlayerController?

  5. How could I go about making this code work in unity xr?

  6. How to change the OVRInput to the new OpenXR input system and Valve Index Knuckles?

  7. When I open the file on my quest after exporting it comes up as just a blank page. Any idea what could be happening?

  8. Too oudated :/ doesn't work anymore :,,(( I'm starting to think I'll never be able to figure out how to fly in VR.

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