Unboxing Flying Colors Deluxe Third Printing (GMT Games 2020) - gamenightuiuc.com

Unboxing Flying Colors Deluxe Third Printing (GMT Games 2020)

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  1. A deluxe edition with paper maps…only in the world of wargaming man…

  2. Thanks for sharing this gem with us, have you played Frigate an old S&T naval warfare game part of the magazine. Looking forward to picking this up

  3. In wooden ships and iron men you command fleets also you got the battle of tafalgar the battle of anaile there's a lot of fleet battles in that game

  4. I have this game & I think one issue is you don't get the duel map with this game, though per the designer one will be included in the Under the Southern Cross expansion. But I could be wrong about the necessity for a duel map; I've yet to even punch the counters.

  5. Gary, ever crossed paths with 1805: Sea of Glory? A decidedly different scale/focus than the clearly tactical FC. Decidedly not as popular either, though I did like some elements of it.

  6. Looks great. Think it might be a tad touch for me. Enjoy.

  7. Perfect timing, I actually bought this one last month and once I'm through with Won by the Sword this one is the next on my "to play" list – need to finally cut and clip it.

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