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ULTRAWINGS 2 is the BEST VR flying game for Quest 2! // Oculus Quest 2 Gameplay

Beardo Benjo
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Although it’s not quite the complete VR flight simulator Oculus Quest 2 owners are looking for Ultrawings 2 is easily the most content complete & enjoyable VR flying game for the stadnalone VR platform, with an expansive open world and a daunting amount of missions to complete it’s easy to call this the best VR game for flight fans on the Quest 2! After just over 3hours playtime I’ve managed to complete around 6% of the game, which is a great metric to show you just how much content there is on offer here. With 5 different vehicles (all with their own missions and licenses) and 4 different island (again all with their own airports to buy and missions to complete) players could easily sink 10s of hours in Ultrawings 2 if they were looking to unlock and experience everything the game has to offer. At this stage I just wish the game supported co-op missions or even just a multiplayer dogfighting mode as that’s the one thing (alongside vehicle customisation) that could really propel this new VR game into the big leagues.

New Quest 2 games (and new VR games in general) are a little thin on the ground this month but Ultrawings 2 has enough content to keep you going for the duration if you gel with its arcadey and enjoyable gameplay systems. If you’re looking for a purely combat focused VR flight sim then Warplanes WW1 Fighters is still likely to be your best bet but if you want the full package and something a little more varied then Ultrawings 2 is the game for you. This Ultrawings 2 gameplay was captured natively on Oculus Quest 2 and is representative of the Ultrawings 2 Quest 2 gameplay experience.

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0:00 – Intro
3:12 – Hub area & missions overview
7:34 – Take to the skies
10:47 – Flying & shooting
13:49 – Buying a new airport
19:37 – Balloon flight
21:38 – Dogfights
24:52 – New York, New York!
27:26 – Final thoughts


  1. "Yeah, get my name wrong, Karen. Take that, ya' bitch!" absolutely killed me

  2. First version was ok. I got bored of the scenery before flying through enough hoops to get the last plane.

  3. 24:51
    I paused the vid and when I when to play again I though beardo had become some kind of cartoon character, lmfao!
    Also, real talk, what kind of headstrap are you using there beardo? The two support pads on the top of your head look like they make it much more comfortable.

  4. Watching your vids makes me wonder what you're like in traffic IRL, promise not to give you stink eye if we pass on a road one day 🙂 This looks like lot if fun.

  5. Best intro ever haha. I really needed that, thank you.

  6. Pro tip: No need to put the flaps all the way down for landing. 15-20 degrees will help slow you down while keeping the plane stable.

  7. 17:14 "stay there, stay where you are, straighten up, and allow me to enter you. And land right on your lovely lovely landing strip…" 🤐

  8. Jeez Beardo, I would not like to see your flights and landings in MSFS. Or maybe I would!

  9. 30s in…the only thing I have learned is don't mess with Beardo.

  10. It is more likely that the X-Men character was named after magneto-electric(1831), and early planes definitely used magnetos. If you do any small engine repair, lawnmowers and such, you will likely come across one. Love the videos, and sorry I am an old school nerd and thought I would share a lil knowledge 🙂

  11. I always enjoy your take on these impressions/reviews! Based on how you spoke on it in the video – I wasn't sure if you are or were aware that Multiplayer is coming. So, dogfight eventually we shall! In fact when they first went live on the store it initially said "Multiplayer" which can be seen in BMFs screenshot post on Twitter about the game coming out on the 3rd. It was taken off by the next day. But it is coming for sure! Excellent video, Beardo! 🍺👊

  12. Twenty-six thousand dollars in a piggy bank 🔨 Patience is a virtue I don't have 😬

  13. If you take the 2.5 hours you have played and divide by 4.9 (the percent complete), you get .51 hours of play time per percentage of the game. Multiply this by 100 and you get a total of 51 hours of playtime, thus right in the middle of the 40-60 hours quoted based on your first 2.5 hours completion rate 🙂

  14. Dude – you can take all the time you want picking out your bananas. I’ll just stroll over to the deli section and pick up a pound of smoked ham😆😁🤣. Love the videos man!!!

  15. Just like the 1st, it has "damn, one more go allure" lol
    Struggling to get gold on one of the ring chase / drone shooting missions. Had to settle for 2 x silvers so far. Grr

  16. Haha this is funny, i haven't played the first one but I am looking forward to this game

  17. I used to love pilotwings on the N64 and always thought that's what they were aiming for here. No rocket pack though, would have been cool

  18. Very cool looking game ! Looking forward to getting this on steam VR, you did notice you was flying with your gear down XD could be why you was so slow. Also when you crashed after he dog fight your gear was up opps!

  19. You need to check out Air Brigade 1/2 on SQ/AL. You might find them worthy of a video of their own!

  20. Revisit Warplanes WW1 fighters please. Real war flair mayhem allows for incredible multiplayer dogfights, but the Community is very small and needs exposure to help grow

  21. Lmfao, I laughed pretty damn hard when the “take that you bitch” comment came out

  22. I believe it's coming out sometime in March on PC. Loved that intro perfect m8

  23. I love my Quest 2…
    But I've gone back to my psvr because of all the variety of games…
    The quest 2 needs more console type games….
    A spy shooter action game like Blood and Truth or Fracked would be awesome 😁

  24. "Boris is gone too, which is probably for the good of the world" haha, true story.

  25. I am afraid I am more a Vtol guy.
    Looks really fun, like a pilotwings kinda.

    .. But I need a little more sim

  26. Bro barreled rolled really close To the ground I was like ohhhh shittttt lmao when you crash or something happens and you say shit it’s the funniest thing bro omg

  27. Any game where you can kill Boris has got to be worth a look!

  28. ive yet to see you say , well its not all that good game . Everything is very good , so enjoyable , fantastic .

  29. I adored the first game on psvr. Extremely underrated title.

  30. I've noticed several bugs in this game. One of the most irritating is when the waypoint indicator sends you to the wrong airport to finish the mission. And don't try to fly the helicopter from Uptown Park to another island, it will crash everytime. It also becomes incredibly difficult as you progress in the game to the point it's almost impossible to make progress.

  31. is it only available on quest 2 and not the first quest?

  32. Up my tax prices, what does that even mean🤪

  33. Do you know how to unlock the New Hawk (stunt plane)? I have all the airports and plenty of money but it is "unavailable"

  34. Just got myself a Quest 2 and this is right up my street. Used to love the Pilotwings series on Nintendo. Ok this isn’t exactly the same but it’s close enough. Great review mate. Subbed 👊

  35. es un juego – simulador genial !!! también lo probamos en mi canal congas oculus quest 2 y me encantó ,,,. mas Allas de los gráficos es un juego que realmente te da la sensación de volar y con físicas y controles reales como un avión real utraliviano

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