Trying Random Roblox Flight Simulators... -

Trying Random Roblox Flight Simulators…

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0:00 – Intro
0:21 – “Pilot Flight Simulator”
3:53 – “Airplane Simulator”
4:02 – Liberty Airport: Flight Simulator
6:22 – “Plane Game”
7:53 – Outro

Pilot Flight Simulator
Liberty Airport: Flight Simulator
Plane Game

Recording/Encoding: OBS
Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020
Thumbnails: Adobe Photoshop CC 2020
Music: Epidemic Sound

©2021 WesPlays83700


  1. Let's be honest some of y'all clicked the vid because of the thumbnail

  2. 99/00 of Filipinos will raid the comments after seeing the pal airline

  3. Ok i need tho ask tho. Whats the game name in the photo

  4. I'm in Philippines you can drive me to America lol

  5. Summon the Filipino Aviation Community.

  6. Don’t join random games in Roblox

  7. Well its a nice Videos, I hope it wont Happen again, Remember the NAS daily issue? baiting Filipinos? but btw thanks for Using the Philippine Airlines

  8. Filipinos when he said philipines: omgggg he mentioned us proud to be pinoy omggggg

  9. There couple seats so if you have some friends they can come in in the firts plane

  10. When you said you never saw that plane kit same I never saw that plane kit


  12. Comments were 911 I just had to change your number if comments to 912

  13. idk about you guys but flightline is kinda good game bcs of ATCs and more stuff

  14. hey you successfully summoned all patriotic filipinos through your thumbnail!

  15. If anyone wants a flight simulator game I do recommend flight line or pilot training flight simulator go check them out

  16. You should really tru aeronautica its absolutely amazingg….

  17. "Somebody summon us thats why im gonna sub"

  18. Anyone remember one of the OG's Dynamic Flight Simulator? A true loss when it broke due to roblox updates.

  19. can u try pilot training flight simulator
    please i think its the best flight simulator onroblox

  20. The plane on the thumbnail is the one I took to get to the philippines in July 4th-

  21. Wes can you play flight simulator Fly training

  22. This got recommended since I'm also a Filipino, goodjob YouTube. Also great video

  23. Bro dont drive ur not a pilot just kidding

  24. Try pilot training flight simulator

  25. Lol gusto na nya ang Philippine airlines (That was Filipino) In English it’s he now likes Philippine airlines

  26. Hello! Liberty Airport 3 ground crew here! I unfortunately have to agree with you. With Liberty its kinda bad. It's hard to find a server that has a pilot. Also in training when I asked about how the pushback worked with permission to speak they disregarded it.

  27. airplane simulator is so fun how can you not play it 😭😭

  28. I am filipino and I see philippine airlines you have summoned us

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