TotK Branli Flight Mini-Game: Perfect Run -

TotK Branli Flight Mini-Game: Perfect Run

Erin Bechard
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Sub 1 meter will get you a delicious gold rupee
Tip: Just retry endlessly


  1. I got 0.6 today! I was just trying to break a record, I had no idea I'd get 300 rupees out of it! I'm just looking at this video cuz I want as many Rupees as possible

  2. The amount of times I've been literally doing exactly what this video is showing yet somehow getting slightly minusculee off from the center is driving me insane

  3. The closest i got was 1.2 and got 100 rupees…i just kept repeating like ten times and then went to tarey town and built an extension on my house 😂

  4. I got as close as 6 and if its just for stupid rupees I'm not doing it anymore.

  5. You can steer yourself with a korok leaf fan. Its alot easier

  6. This helped me so much with learning how to use wings by itself. I kept moving backwards which drastically decreased my height and speed, then after this video I moved to the front and gently moved myself to the left and right. I got in the centre after two tries! I spent like 6 tries wrong before this video

  7. Kinda wanna know what happens if you get the Perfect 0 Meters.

  8. It took me about 20 attempts but I finally got 0.7 and I think that’s the closest I’ll get.

  9. I got 0.8 meters by getting close enough to the water that you are barely above it, get to 0.9 meters or less then immediately rewind your wing but before it can start going backwards deactivate the rewind and if your close enough the wing will fall straight down for a few meters before it starts catching wind and moves forward again. Side note the center of the wing is what counts towards your distance from the center of the circle, not the front tip of your wing.

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