Top Games Where You Can Fly -

Top Games Where You Can Fly

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0:00 Marvel’s Avengers
0:34 AER Memories of Old
1:05 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
1:31 Infamous: Second Son
2:03 Dark and light
2:32 Saints Row 4
3:10 LEGO Marvel’s Avengers
3:39 Strike Suit Zero
4:03 Genshin Impact
4:35 Citadel: Forged with Fire
5:08 Immortals: Fenyx Rising
5:34 Batman: Arkham Knight
6:06 The Falconeer
6:39 Middle-earth: Shadow of War
7:06 Megaton Rainfall
7:33 Divinity II: Ego Draconis


  1. Phenix rizeing i have but u glide not fly

  2. 😭Bruh NO BODY mentioned GRAVITY RUSH series!!!!! 😭😭It didnt make the cut😭😭😭

  3. Ooh did expect a shout out for AER!

  4. None of these games got shit on Just Cause 3's flying mechanic with the wingsuit and jetpack

  5. you call that genshin impact shit flying? DUMB.

  6. Wish they would make an X-men game so I can play as storm and glide on the wind while shooting lightning bolts and making it rain 🤩😅😂😂

  7. AC Origins you can fly as an eagle, unlike these games with gliding /s

  8. gravity rush is missing. that's a game all about flying

  9. u forgot Minecraft ( CREATIVE ), Prototype ( 1 ) ( 2 ),

  10. Nice video.Divinity 2:Ego Draconis is my favorite dragon themed RPG ever. Most underrated game. Really glad to see in your video. Good luck!

  11. after watching this I just realized something a lot of video games do not have actual flying in it you know we're like you can lift off the ground and just fly for as long as you want but instead most of them have gliding instead I wonder why maybe it's like a balancing thing I guess like being able to fly in a lot of games would maybe be so overpowered that they just make it into a glider movement instead I'm unsure it sucks though I really want more video games with actual flying in it and people just don't seem to be making them

  12. WoW should be on the top of this list with the new dragonriding.

  13. you forgot the best truely flying game of allSuperman 64

  14. A game like spiderman but you can fly like Superman or Invincible would be sick

  15. Hot take but flying mechanics in open world games just suck, and I mean the type of flying where you never have to touch the ground and always stay on the air, it's basically impossible to go anywhere without it getting boring.

  16. Best games to fly in is megaton rainfall and Just Cause 3… gravity rush is cool too

  17. You don't actually fly in Genshin and batman, you glide.

  18. Flying in a helicopter in GTA 5 is a perfectly acceptable "open world flying gameplay" concept. You should've included that.
    But nice video all around. Thumbs up!

  19. clickbait! immortals fenyx rising you CANNOT FLY

  20. "Anthem" would be another game, where you can fly like Ironman.
    Sadly the game is almost dead, just a few people are still playing it.

  21. genshin impact – laughtet a lot at immortals fenyx rising it's much better!)

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