TOP Friday The 13th: The Game Insane Glitches (Flying Jason, Invisibility, Random Objects +MORE) -

TOP Friday The 13th: The Game Insane Glitches (Flying Jason, Invisibility, Random Objects +MORE)

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Here are the most insane Friday The 13th: The Game Glitches, how they work and ways to avoid them!!! From a flying jason, to hovering counselors, and becoming invisible, some glitches can intentionally be activated to give you an advantage in the game.

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  1. they should have a mode where you need to keep campers safe. one for each player, and you would lose xp if you don’t save your camper.

  2. The other day, I found a glitch driving out of packanak in the yellow car. Instead of escaping I was shoved out of bounds. I tried to get out but eventually I realised Jason couldn't get me and just waited for the round to end

  3. I love your voice, I'm sorry but someone had too say it

  4. yes I once saw a glitch that put's characters half way into the map while also turning them sidways but still able to do everything

  5. I saw in a video someone hit Jason with a baseball bat and Jason went flying across the map even going out of bounds

  6. I once saw a part 9 Jason but fused with part 3 Jason and with the NES Skin

  7. Couldn't get any of them to work maybe an update

  8. Invincible glitch it’s random when i joined in game I was invisible but I had the perk to spawn with a bat so I still died

  9. The invisible Counselor glitch is a spawn lag issue. Sometimes you spawn invisible and about 5 seconds later your character appears. You cannot choose to have your character invisible for the whole game. Usually it happens if it lags for to long and then it stays in that state. This still works but is EXTREMELY rare.

  10. 15.7.2019, the rooftop glitch is still in the game, plus enviromental kills glitch out 70% of the time so counselors just glitch out of jasons grasp and survive

  11. My friend got undead glitch but he quit

  12. My favorite glitch is one that couldn't have been on this list because it's exclusive to the Switch port:

    On rare occasions, the option for playing as a random Jason will get confused and load incorrect textures. Results will vary, but when it happened to me, I was playing as Part 7 Jason with Retro Jason's textures. It was glorious, especially since his exposed skeletal bits were still yellow while everything else was purple and cyan.

  13. You can duplicate a shotgun!! That’s a good glitch

  14. I played once before once the games been out for a while. First time ever and I was the killer, one counselor broke my ankles and the next counselor I found was floating. I turned off the game and never touched it again.

  15. Today I saw a Part 7 Jason with an NES skin

  16. I won't lie, I'm sort of a try hard in this game, I don't necessarily mute party and just escape on my own, I still have fun, but I try to better my skills and perfect my fastest game times as Jason, but I will NEVER use glitches to win, completely bullshit for the Jason.

  17. I was playing as Jason and I was in shift mode and I hit the rock and put me on the roof

  18. I was driving the four seater and then jason teleported to the car the car got stuck in a tree and a rock.

  19. There's a lot of trolls in this game I don't get what the fun is of ruining the match by glitching yourself to safety like cool now youre just gonna sit there for 20 mins like some edge lord weirdo

  20. This happend to me 2 times while playing as a counselor, so I was about to die cause my character didn’t have a pocket knife and jason was already holding me, all of a sudden I spawn as tommy Jarvis and I just see 2 arrows (like how you show up in the map) and it was crazy just seeing my character float in front of me! 🤣😂

  21. The echo in this video makes my ears cry

  22. There was a glitch were I was holding an object and the item turned invisible.

  23. The one where you stand on a rock is possible to die on because Jason could just throw knives at you

  24. One thing I notice is that if you throw knife to the car that players are driving ,it's messed up the car, sent it into backflip and players are forced to espace from car lol.

  25. Campers when they die:

  26. When Jason was chasing me I hid under a bed and when I came out only my bare torso and arms were visible to me. Another time I did the same thing to elude Jason but when I went out from under the bed I got stuck in a wall that the bed was next to and I was outside and invincible to Jason’s attacks and this happened when I was playing as Mitch Floyd

  27. Now that it is 2020 there are like no more glitches besides the bear trap roof glitch

  28. A glitch just happened to me right now I’m actually playing while waiting the game to end my friend and I picked up 2 other counselors on the car Jason tried to grab us but he teleported and we went threw the floor I’m going through the floor I have screen shots

  29. There's a glitch when when it said Jason told me I came back as how many I want to go revisit my character he wasn't dead so I had to shoot him

  30. One time Jason glitched the car so my friend tommy and I got glitched out of the nap in the water and he was flinging throwing knives for a good ten minutes before giving up

  31. 2020
    i got out from under the bed 1 frame before Jason broke it
    it removed everything but my hands

  32. I was Jason and I chased someone while the cops were called and I grabbed them at the last second but it glitched and said I escaped AS Jason lol

  33. I experienced the flying Jason glitch as part 9 jason easy to say that it was weird yet a bit funny experience

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