TOP 8 Free Plane/ Flight Simulator Games for Android & iOS 2023 -

TOP 8 Free Plane/ Flight Simulator Games for Android & iOS 2023

Solomon Tetteh
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We take a look at 8 FREE and Offline Flight Simulator games which are free to play.

The more you progress, content in some of these games start to become paid.

Download Game Links:

Flight Sim 18 Ovilex:


Flight Pilot Simulator 3D:


Sky Warriors Airplane Games:


Sky on Fire: 1940:


Turboprop Flight Simulator:


Airline Commander:


X-Plane Flight Simulator:


Infinite Flight Simulator:



My Way by Roa
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  1. What's Up Gamers! •We do something a little different in this video •This is about Planes but is still a form of Transport •Great thing is that every single one of these games is available for both Android and iOS! •And yes, Ovilex made a Flight Simulator back in 2018 which is included in this video

  2. The best
    1-Aerofly 23
    2- X plane
    3- Infinite flight

  3. It's impossible for me to land on Ovilex Flight Pilot Sim😅

  4. ONLY the OG'S will know flight simulator 3d 👀❤ Solomon what's your favourite game in this video??👀

  5. Real flight simulator is also a nice game

  6. The monthly price of multiplayer is very high, especially for a citizen living in a country whose economy is collapsing, so I like Phanotek games more.

  7. Rortos is the best in mobile airplane simulations

  8. Infinite flight is definetly the best, has realistic physics, anazing models, atc control etc, and the community is great

  9. From the whole list, I played Turboprop sim. I also have Aerofly FS23 and Armed Air Forces on my smartphone (a very decent sim for military aircraft)🤔

  10. You didn't include aerofly flight simulator 2023

  11. I have and still play,turboprop flight simulator, flight pilot 3D, infinite flight and X-plane flight simulator

  12. How come I can’t find it on the App Store? (7)

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