Top 5 Must Have Flight Simulators - 2022 -

Top 5 Must Have Flight Simulators – 2022

Aus Flight Simmer
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  1. Another Great Video Shane! Keep up the good work.

  2. This video said very little about DCS, when flying from the cockpit, ( the pilot's seat ). Most of what was shown, were external views of all the military aircraft DCS offers. Can someone please tell me more about DCS cockpit views, ( internal ), from the pilot's seat? From inside the cockpit? Thanks….

  3. Is there any realistic flightsim in laptop?

  4. Did you mean to put 2022 in the title? The Timeskip really did erase 2 years after all lol

  5. Xbox Series X Flight Simulator still has a few BUGS… Ground Services and Traffic MISSING without any Add-Ons…

  6. Great stuff Shane. MSFS 2020 certainly brought back to life my love for aviation and being able to experience it's full capabilities and realisism and through your live streams even on Xbox has been truly awsome. Cheers …

  7. When it first launched? MFS is in a worse state than it was at launch. That team at Asobo is trash.

  8. Great video, as always!
    Can you make XP12 vs FS2020 vs P3D v5.3

  9. Do you know if there is going to be another eurofighter typhoon into the flight sim because the one now doesn’t get updated and updates could make it so much better

  10. I have MS2020 and DCS on my gaming laptop and can't see any reason to put any others on there.

  11. fs2020 is still a wreck after 2 years.
    When xp12 hits us I'll try it and maybe convert

  12. I'm surprised Prepar3d made the list. I expected IL-2 Sturmovik to make the top five instead.

  13. For the Alpha release showcases of MSFS 2020 to the current state of the nation across the competitors great comparisons without fear or favor. Keep up the great work!!

  14. While I'm a MSFS user only, it's great to see a view of the competition landscape, to re-confirm that MSFS is an incredible immersive experience that can rarely be approached. Thanks for all you do AUS, you're a flight sim legend.

  15. The notions that XP has better flight simulation is just a notion. It maybe valid in the past but XP12 seems still uses Blade element theory. This flight dynamics calculating tech is pretty old. Haven't found CFD visualisation option. P-Factor with Perf. Data on MSFS more accurate there. MSFS in the other hand has CFD, which you can actually see the simulation and simulated surfaces on the airplane. XP maybe using 5 simulated surfaces on an airplane and MSFS uses hundreds of simulation surfaces in an aircraft, thus makes it more accurate and realistic.

    Here's the CFD simulation in visual and data form. And I would like to see XP to provide with their simulation data as well.

  16. Good job, I finally got a moment to sit down and watch this. I was not aware of #5 so now I feel like I have learnt something.

  17. Good to see P3DV5 in the no 4 slot.
    With ASN and ORBX True Earths for UK I think it offers a much better VFR simulation of UK, and a much crisper and realistic representation of UK weather than MSFS or XPlane do.

  18. MSFS2020 is NOT a #1 flight simulator for sure. Don't confuse people. I would say that MSFS is about #3 today or even #4. #1 is a DCS, #2 XP12. This is the correct order. Because for SIMULATORs not a graphics important but physics. MSFS physics is very-very far away from reality.

  19. New subscriber thanks to your awesome tier video. I love flight sims and going to try out both DCS & MSFS. 👍 & subbed.

  20. DCS is number 1, by far the best flight sim to ever exist

  21. I have xplane and msfs and I must admit I prefer the xplane flight mechanics better

  22. WARNING – AeroFly FS4 lacks 'many' of the features like ATC and full weather found in other flight simulators. The detailed sections of the world are extremely limited, too. And also, unlike the other flight simulators, you will find that your investment in purchased 3th-party DLC for AeroFly FS(x) will not be usuable in newer versions of AeroFly FS(x). Long-term receptive (to customers) support is also lacklustered. Features talked about for FS2 never came to fruition, which does not bode well for the future of FS4 or trust in the developer/publisher.

    Apart from looking 'pretty', it falls far short of the potential of MSFS, X-Plane and PrePar3D and offers lesser value for your investment.

  23. Aren't there only 5 flight sims in the whole world?

  24. Do you realise that MFS have created many thousands of unhappy players (like me) the stupid thing does not even Run anymore updates are a joke they KILL the system and then no more Sim…Microsoft is a joke leaving many frustrated players there’s many utubers stating just that, and no solutions given to this problem MFS is a sim to spend time fixing problems created by Microsoft, Shame on you Microsoft

  25. why microsoft flight simulator is the best compare to the other?

  26. For me it’s – MSFS2020 for civilian aviation use, IL2 Great Battles series for WWI and WW2 aircraft combat and DCS World for military jet combat.

  27. Holt shit DCS is expensive, last time I looked they wanted $3,000 for every thing (all maps and planes) I knew some game where outrageous but shit that's a lot

  28. well TOP 1 must have in 2022 is called a HIGH END PC

  29. I have msfs and the graphic details don't look as good as yours. Is is on a 4k ? Monitor, etc Great all round Demo of yes goto be top 5.. cheers

  30. Does the military simulator have Russian tank turrets?

  31. Im tired of msfs ctd’s. Gave it 250g of space and days worth of downloading time. When it works it is great, but during flight it has one stutter then on the desktop really bugs

  32. Are the flight lengths simulated to be realistic, or are they condensed for sake of attention span? I can't imagine somebody parking in front of their computers for 18 hours straight on a trans-pacific flight. LOL

  33. you need to give Putin another 200$ for working flaps in DCS fuck that cockpit sim

  34. Well, I am sorry to say,
    FXXK MICROSOFT CRAPS, I have to admit their software is useful and functional, but the installer and updates are like SHIT, not to mention Office, Outlook, Ms Store, XBox, payments system, window updates………… but I love this game, I will install it even if installation fails 99 times. fuck microsoft

  35. Top 5🤣😂these are the only 5😅on pc👍

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