Top 5 | Must Have | Flight Simulators 2020 Part 1 -

Top 5 | Must Have | Flight Simulators 2020 Part 1

Aus Flight Simmer
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In this weeks Top 5 Must Have video, we take a look at the top 5 flight simulators for 2020. How did the flight sim’s perform in 2019 and what the future lies ahead in 2020.

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Welcome to your complete setup guide on how to get you going to play microsoft flight simulator 2020 on multiplayer. We will walk you through the menu settings to get setup quickly.

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  1. i'm hoping 2020 will have helicopter simulation every thing else is a disappointment for me then i rather wait for p3d response to ms-2020

  2. I can't afford these or a computer.
    So I did the next best thing and made my own flight simulator.

    An umbrella, my roof, and beer!

  3. For us newbs you should put the names of the games on screen as you say them, I spent ages trying to look up #2 Deesiess world lol

  4. Your video quality is incredible! You definitely are underrated as far as subs go. Keep up the amazing work! Very informative content.

  5. Will Xplane make a PS5 edition? MSFS2020 is going to be available for Xbox series X and only Xbox. If Xplane wants to boost sales significantly it will do so. It's a must IMO but, we'll see what they do.

  6. NO one's going to buy anything until MS Flight Sim is released LOL

  7. X-Plane 11???? ha ha wow really? Top 5 top sims 1,2,3,4, and 5 = Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 No other sims have a future unless they incorporate the Asobo realworld graphics! incorporating Bing/Google or other real world satellite image graphics into the scenery. The stick people graphic land scenery is dead. A new kid is on the block, and all other sims will have to step up! Especially DCS! They have a small niche (because of the combat aspect) but with the insane amount they charge for a single plane? They have to step up on the features and scenery end! Even x-plane has a shot (if they also step up their scenery and add all the features that MS offers)? So unless the scenery improves on other Sims MS FLT SIM 2020 RULES!

  8. Which are the best for VATSIM?

  9. Cool, DCS has done a lot of work on Aminations. 🙂

  10. what is number two? you dont have the name spelled out and I am having problems finding it

  11. No use for xp11 as long as you don’t have A2A accusim planes in it. No one even comes close to their planes. Happy sticking withp3d. And then comes fs2020.

  12. cant wait for the msfs2020 to be released. building a monster pc for it

  13. Do you know of any free and/or cheap Flight Sims?

  14. are this working on 1650 4gb video card?????????

  15. Hi can anyone help me i am trying to download war thunder on My ps4 but if I click on the download button it does nothing and I tried multiple methodes but nothing works. Thanks!

  16. Where can you purchase Prepar 3d simulator. Thanks for the video.👍

  17. Is there any way to get p3d without a Credit Card

  18. There seems to be a common agreement on the steam comunity forum that Deadstick is not going anywhere.

  19. But why do all of those flight sims look so horrible? It's like they do not care about the graphics engine. Common answer I find is that those games are strongly focused on flight models but then again, I just tried x plane 11 for the first time (demo), lifted boeing 737 from the runway, immediately made a roll and then flu straingh up (90 degrees) for 10 or 20 seconds before losing speed, but managed to recover anyways. To me, it looks like a overpriced domain. Sticking with free content untill proven wrong. Hopefully, MS FS2020 will turn things around.

  20. Aus Flight Simmer, you may pooh-pooh this, but not everyone uses or wants to use a Windows-based PC. You 'forgot' to mention that some folks use Macs, and at least X-plane is cross-platform. Your gung-ho assumption that everyone uses a high-end PC for simming ain't necessarily so. I'd have liked this to have been more than the idiot's guide to flight-sims, but it was not to be.

  21. Microsoft flight simulator doesnt even look like a game😯

  22. Ive played flight simulators since flight sim 95 when i was 11 years old…now 36 im still fascinated by todays flight sims. Being an avid fsx fan most recently to making the move to xplane 11, its the best decision ive ever made. But, i will be switching back to Microsoft for FS 2020 when released 🛩

  23. Nobody:
    Not a single soul:
    Not anything:
    Me: HOW DARE YOU NOT ADD INFINITE FLIGHT the best mobile simulator you can fly global and go in multiplayer and fly with other people it’s fill with lots of planes

  24. X-Plane 11 deserves to be in the number 1 spot and with the 11.50 Vulkan enhancements they have improved the frame rates and eliminated the stutters in most cases. That's the good news, the bad news is 11.50 is still in beta and along with the Vulkan enhancements they also introduced a lot of bugs and annoyances. XP 11.50 is a very resource-hungry flight simulator, I'm running 11.50 beta 11 and even with my very powerful i9 9900K (overclocked), 64 GB of RAM and GTX 1080 ti 11 GB graphics card, it takes a long time to load everything for a flight. I hope they get those issues squared away.

  25. xolane is the mist realistic sim it has all airprts

  26. You don't have the names of you picks either on the screen or blow. Can you add them below please? Thanks for the video, though.

  27. I hate when sims charge you 100 dollars for a game that you need to spend 50 dollars to get anything other than a casna.

  28. Any recommendations for yolk and rudder pedal sir i just sub and my budget is around 300 usd

  29. fsx didnt make it . DISLIKES

  30. I wish you'd written the names in the screen, i can't understand some of the names of the games you've shown…

  31. I wish PlayStation would make a flight simulator on getting pissed off I love flight simulator is the only thing near to flight simulators or ace of combat and war funder

  32. Couple of quick benchmarks I like to do when a new FS is released;
    First is to get a fixed-wing with a large body side-area, and high performance, like a P-51, and see if you can fly it knife-edge indefinitely. MS fails badly on this! In FSX, it literally falls faster than 9.8m/s/s. Ridiculous. DCS and X-plane win this one!
    Second is to get a rotorcraft and see if you can auto-rotate at all. If you can, can you auto-rotate per the specifications of the original? DCS and X-plane are pretty great with this test!
    With that same rotorcraft, try to take-off and hover above the published "max-hover-pressure-height" of the craft. Can it? It shouldn't, but you should be able to slide in ground-effect until transition and take-off that way! But you can't go back and land at that pressure-height! That's a good sim. Again, DCS and X-plane do pretty well.
    Oddly, something like even Kerbal Space Program (not known for it's flight dynamics or "realism") scores rather well!
    Third, make a lifting-body, say an HL-10 or M2F2/3 "shape" and see if it will glide and flare like real (and even scale-model) LBs can do.
    Even X-plane suffers with lifting-bodies, sadly. For some reason, it treats body-lift differently (mathematically) than airfoil-lift, and that's bad. Bodies can definitely lift, see F-14 and F-23, etc. If only X-plane "knew" properly about body-lift, one could make a weight-shift (pitch control) half-cone with an internal control-moment-gyro, and fly it hypersonically in a maneuvering glide all the way down from orbit.
    And the last benchmark, do LTA's which are slightly negative-buoyant "work" in the sim, specifically, ones which are lifting-body shaped?
    Photo-realistic visuals are very nice to have, but not unless the flight-models are also top-shelf!

  33. Vulcan doesn't work on every PC. Too many airports not updated to look realistic enough.

  34. My 15 year old son is interested in becoming a pilot. What flight simulator would you recommend for him that would be super interesting and teaches him how to fly?

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