Top 5 | Must Have | Flight Simulators 2020 Part 1 -

Top 5 | Must Have | Flight Simulators 2020 Part 1

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In this weeks Top 5 Must Have video, we take a look at the top 5 flight simulators for 2020. How did the flight sim’s perform in 2019 and what the future lies ahead in 2020.

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Welcome to your complete setup guide on how to get you going to play microsoft flight simulator 2020 on multiplayer. We will walk you through the menu settings to get setup quickly.

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  1. Gta 5 airplanes: im about to end this mans whole carrer

  2. Wow games are AWESOME ty for making this vid 🙂

  3. This is my list 5.fsx 4.aerofly fs2 3.mfs2020 2.X-plane 11 1.p3d
    Rating on how realistic and deep simulation that the aircraft for these sim have maybe next year mfs may be the 1 if there are decent payware plane come to it but now it stock plane are not that good (this list don’t care about graphic only care about simulation)

  4. I have three copies of Falcon 3. Anyone interested? Will I need to upgrade my computer to play newer versions?

  5. Which ones can I use offline? I live in the middle of nowhere and must drive to a gas station to make the download. Dont care about multiplayer just want to practice patterns and landings.

  6. You should really write their names for better understanding

  7. Adesius World, Edesius World, Adisius World?!!!!

  8. Why you didnt include the names of the games. I would of subscribe and like the vid but for videos like this i dislike them and looking for another one.

  9. I remember playing #5 on the Nintendo DS 🙂

  10. Microsoft flight simulator 2020 is better then Xplane 11

  11. im here one day before this video was out a year ago

  12. Dead stick lol yea like that's ever going to be released hah

  13. im Just Like WOW a year agao 2020? WOWWWW

  14. 1:21 #5 Tai King out the twenty twenty two spots goes
    two Eyel Too, Ameitzdeems Ouftsteinerbelings, Rierconstunts,
    Toe the Teens at Anyone Stings The Medic Stains Studios.
    Link is in the description , or just read the subtitles.

  15. 2:58 ''Even had some big names such as

  16. IMV, Photorealistic looks like cartoons, nothing
    worthwhile takes us back to 1998 simulators.
    Even the earliest RealFlight had realistic backgrounds
    better than what I've seen in the first half of this video.

  17. I recommend Aerowinx 747 simulator
    It’s not a game and there’s no fabulous scenery like FS but it s 100 percent functional professional level simulator for pilots
    Very expensive too much more than FS but a complete systems sim
    Not much scenery
    Focus is on systems and instrument flying
    You get runways and weather to see
    Again not a game and no fancy sight seeing
    Not for everybody
    Mainly for hardcore systems people
    FS 2020 is seriously lacking in systems functionality but PMDG is supposed to have something this year
    PMDG should have put their 747 in the base program From the beginning
    Non functional airliners in FS makes no sense at all
    Bad move Microsoft

  18. my pc aint good enough for flight sim 2020 so i bought and downloaded fsx only to have a bunch of errors while launching it

  19. the best flight simulator is (which is better then all and will stay better than all forever)

    flying a plane in real life

  20. Hello sir, I would say that Aerofly is more of an Airbus A320 sim because A320 has the realistic physics in Aerofly (better physics than MFS2020 Default A320 :] )

  21. Thumbs down for making me read all comments just to figure out what number 2 was. I even googled Odysseus world, a disused world, adessa's world… Man, you gave me a hard time when you could've just inserted the titles somewhere.

  22. What is the first game called, i cant understand what u just said. pls tell me i relly wana download it.

  23. why didnt you put the links to the games in your description i cant find some of the games

  24. Repent to Jesus Christ!!
    “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”
    ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭19:21‬ NIV

  25. Best flgth simulator 2021 is DCS not mfs 2020

  26. Birds of Steal ps3 and War Thunder for ps4 also i started on war thunder but Birds of steal is where i am learning true sim mode its so good im very impressed but im also into ww2 planes more then anything else the Icon land slash water micro plane thing is somthing i wish i could buy now in real life.

  27. can you speak without going up and down and starting each other word with `ah`? i had to turn off

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