Top 5 Free Flight Simulators on Steam - 2020 -

Top 5 Free Flight Simulators on Steam – 2020

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This video shows our top 5 for the free flight/plane simulators out there. It not only presents great flight simulators but also combat flight games and other interactive flying simulators playable on Windows (PC).

This video might be monetized. The money of the ads go strait to the music’s copyright owners and we did NOT choose to monetize it.


DCS World – Steam Edition:

World of Warplanes:

Acro Fs:

War Thunder :

Rise of Flight United:


  1. Dang dcs world scare the hell out of me

  2. Only problem with dcs is that its quite a bit big

  3. Now Acro fs i my favorite game because It can be runned on bad pcs

  4. DCS world won't let me launch it for some reason

  5. I don't like the GB needed for the games. I only have 6GB

  6. It said this was posted 2 years ago and he still put 2022

  7. BEST SOUNDING INTO MY GUY!!!! (you made my day with that intro)

  8. bro i have 5 GBs avalible i can't install any of these!

  9. Thank you, your video is so good. Thanks to you I can play dcs for free via Steam. Because I had installed the paid trial version (I didn't pay) directly from the DCS site.
    Thanks again.

  10. World of warplanes is the opposite of simulator

  11. Flight gear ? A game which everything is completely free and amazing graphics

  12. when you have no video ideas and five video games sponsored you at the same time:

  13. now you see i want to like dcs really badly but it is just two confusing

  14. I just hope that you know what a simulator means.

  15. Before you get dcs world just know every switch and button in the planes is interactable and the game itself is quite difficult and getting other planes from workshop cost $100 to 1000

  16. DCS World looks great….until you see that it costs $2,000 to get all the planes and stuff. No thank you.

  17. All I saw was trailers… Try showing only gameplay as that's what matters. Also put the name in video of game you are showing currently.Purpose of such videos is to help people find what they like fast. But thanks anyway

  18. Your Editing and Song is Perfect on DCS world .

  19. Title: Top 5 Free Flight Simulators on Steam – 2022Release date: 2020

  20. I'm having some directx error on acrofs pls help

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