Top 5 Free Flight Simulators on Steam - 2020 -

Top 5 Free Flight Simulators on Steam – 2020

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This video shows our top 5 for the free flight/plane simulators out there. It not only presents great flight simulators but also combat flight games and other interactive flying simulators playable on Windows (PC).

This video might be monetized. The money of the ads go strait to the music’s copyright owners and we did NOT choose to monetize it.


DCS World – Steam Edition:

World of Warplanes:

Acro Fs:

War Thunder :

Rise of Flight United:


  1. whoever made the dcs trailer needs a raise

  2. Why the fuck would you include DCS, its a ptw mess

  3. These are all war games, is there any free commercial airplane flight sims

  4. world of warplanes is not caring about emotions… I wanted that game but now I have changed my mind

  5. Exactly what I was looking for (coming from gta and am tired of these stupid ass toxic kids on flying bikes)

  6. Sorry for the mistake on the last game 😬 The real name is Rise of Flight United, all links are in the description ☝️

  7. World of Warplanes is a casual game not a simulator

  8. Sorry dcs is not 'free' I need to pay up to a hundred euros for just a plane

  9. This is a really well put together advertisement, however, it doesn't tell me much; only that I have to go to all these sites and work it out myself? Is that what others are finding?

  10. DCS has no free planes, only a Sukhoi plane is free rest all u have to buy

  11. War thunder is the best, …………..and a curse

  12. Under-rated channel! Really nice video! I subscribed 😀

  13. i wanna see what its like inside of the plane like when were playing what does it look like

  14. that zombie song is the best with the gameplay damn

  15. dcs world you cant fly planes in you have to buy he planes with money

  16. “Bombs and guns in your head in your head”!

  17. If you have to have cranberries zombie on use the real next time

  18. man… Digital Combat Simulator looks like an incredible game, but to be honest, if don't even have money to buy games. there is no way I can get the money to buy a computer that can move that sh*t 🤣

  19. World of warplanes shouldn't be on this list

  20. The games have been compiled soo beautifully. Hats off to you mate.. Subscribed❤️❤️

  21. for DCS World i have a ryzen 580 that you can use for vr and it does not run well for me

  22. i wanna play all the games but i cant afford those amazing graphics card so i cant play 😥😥☹☹☹☹☹

  23. Pretty sure DCS is only free to install, but in order to actually play, you have to purchase content packs. Without paying, there's nothing to actually play, so I wouldn't consider it a free game. Even with the recent test flight programs.

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