Top 10 Best 'Air Combat Games' in 2021 | Gameplays -

Top 10 Best ‘Air Combat Games’ in 2021 | Gameplays

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If you have a fascination with fighter jets, chances are you’ve always wanted to strap into some of the most dynamic aircraft in the world and take them for a whirl yourself. That’s probably not gonna happen in real life. So why not take the skies in video games? Here is a list of the top 10 best ‘Air Combat Games’ which you should definitely play in 2021.

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1. …
2. …
3. …
4. 15:44 The Falconeer | 2020
5. 12:58 Star Wars: Squadron | 2020
6. 10:14 IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover | 2011
7. 7:46 Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown | 2019
8. 5:01 Battlefield 5 | 2018
9. 2:29 DogFight 1942 | 2012
10. 00:14 Project Wingman | 2020


  1. War Thunder is a great game, but if you are constantly on a team that sucks, you are going to end up having to pay money to keep playing.

  2. How about DCS World? It’s literally the best and most realistic.

  3. should prolly give credit to the ytrs clips u used

  4. My Tierlist would be10. Ace Combat Assault Horizon9. War Thunder8. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare7. Star Wars: Squadrons6. Ace Combat 65. Project Wingman4. Ace Combat 73. Ace Combat 42. Ace Combat 51. Ace Combat Zero

  5. Idk why battlefield V is on any list, you need to spam the plane spawn to even get a chance to fly

  6. i knew war thunder would be on top 2 and dcs on 1st but wait wht??? no dcs???

  7. Why do you have to show so much game play poes

  8. Those first few are Total garbage combat sims. Really? The Best?

  9. Best dogfights are still on Battlefield 1942

  10. ik is your opinion but damn it fucking sucks

  11. Why isn’t world of warplanes on psn and Xbox like all the rest of there games

  12. im just angry that theres no war thunder

  13. The best there were is Tom Clancys H.A.W.X and H.A.W.X 2 with Ace Combat 7……First two are 11-13 years old games, PRODIGY of the Air GAMES, Ace Combat not so much, we can take only GRAPHICs from Ace Combat, and the newest 7th, maybe 6 and 5, but there is no Airplane war Airplane game as the Tom Clancys H.A.W.X. NO SIR – "E"

  14. lmao as a newb dcs pilot what i can say is ace combat 7 and project wingman are nowhere close to realism, because "missiles" don't reload you get a specified amount of them and can fire them right away

  15. Plz!! Name of the song first 9 sec of the video?

  16. I used to play acecombat as a kid~!

  17. What about DCS world thank me later if you didn't know about it because it is completely free

  18. When battlefield 5 makes the list but DCS doesn't

  19. Dogfight 1942 ; Does it has a story / story mode?

  20. try air conflicts secret wars and air conflicts pacific carriers 😀

  21. The clip from War Thunder is pretty lame. Also RB (Realistic Battles) are much better!


  23. Ah yes battlfeild 5 on the switch is a very real thing that i enjoy.

  24. That guy playing Battlefield 🤦‍♂️ How bad can you be…

  25. hey guys what's the easiest game to play… left hand is bad from a stroke…..i can play warthunder….but i don't like it……i got the free 1……ace combat looked pretty good…….. what would u guys say….even ANOTHER GAME THAT IS NOT ON THIS LIST…..I DONT WANT A SIMULATTOR………just an esy game……it would be great if i dont have to take-off also….lol….thanks

  26. Sorry.. This list is a joke!

    It's as if someone made a list of Top 10 Best FPS and on it had games like Arma III, Valorant, Hell Let Loose and Overwatch. All in the same list.

  27. What bullsh*t list is this? Where is DCS? DCS should be on No1 or No2 spot with IL2. I know it costs per aircraft in DCS but till you finish learning 1 plane that costs 30-60$ you will get 100+hr of gameplay. Most 60$ games have a broken ass 2-6hr campaign and multiplayer that will get boring in 50-80hr. In DCS I got the harrier for 30$ and have played 500hr with it and still don't know everything. In this game you have laws of physics and amazing 1st person perspective. Gameplay is just stunning. You can play by yourself or with others. You can make your own missions with the editor. There is mods and skin support. The planes are divided into 2 categories. Low fidelity: that dose not have interactive cockpit and is more simplified for new people and High fidelity: interactive cockpit, flight model and weapons.

  28. Yaar koi esa air combat game hei keya Android ka liye jismei ap apni teammates kei sath voice chat bat kar sako
    Please koi mujhe batau

  29. you cant play it with joystick at least the logetec x52 stick and throttle. I was so disappointed

  30. When I saw the Star Wars and you shooting a big bird I knew this wasn’t gonna be a good list 😂

  31. Where is the true 1er DCS World and are you serious with World of Warplanes in 3e position?… this best of is a best bullshit… perharps selection of arcade game but Top 10 best air combat it s not serious !

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