Top 10 Air Combat Games -

Top 10 Air Combat Games
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You better be feeling the need for speed, because we are on a highway to the Danger Zone. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Air Combat Games. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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  1. I’m kinda disappointed that Hero’s of the Pacific isn’t on here

  2. you spend too much time on consoles… missed a bunch of PC sims… like in the comments… Aces High is as well missing. 😉

  3. Out of 24k t humbs you gotta work hard to go 3k do bad good.

  4. Are you kidding? DCS World is the best one

  5. You got the top spot right, no question but, Bombers are air combar as well you know……i'm Spanish living im Yorkshire England, but i still rememeber the 2 b-17 flying fortress titles flying fortress and the mighty eighth…also no helo games?, how about apache gunship?, and 1 more cinemaware' s classic wings

  6. I spent countless hours on aces of the pacific (1992) (game that followed red baron from the same developpers) and knight of the sky (1990)

  7. I love the blazing angels series I would always ask my friends to play against me and they learned it was a mistake to go against me lol I would always kick their asses and I always used the buffalo which is not a good plane in the game

  8. He was just talking about War Thunder and then i got a commercial from war thunder!

  9. I'm looking for the name of an air combat game, from the early 2000s. You could launch a nuke, and the mushroom cloud looked like a big yellow tube you could fly through. Any guesses?

  10. Where is War Thunder on hi- #3 THREE?!, TAKE YOU IL-2 STALIGRAD AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR @SS. WAR THUNDER IS KING. Okay I actually like IL-2 the Battle damage and gameplay is Good, But War thunder is King.

  11. energy airforce on ps2 I hope to see a second part on playstation 4 or 5

  12. Birds of steel should have been higher. Fucking love that game

  13. Just off to play a game of golf while the ads drag on.

  14. When an FPS player makes a review about dogfight sims HA

  15. Hey I'm here in 2021 COVID 🦠invade the world 🤯

  16. Is it me or does birds of steel look like war thunder?

  17. Um you forgot ace combat zero. Belkan war

  18. Youve missed to mention Wings of Prey, is really good as well.

  19. To me i like dog fight in battlefelid series and gta5

  20. Il-2 Sturmovik the game that started it all? LOLOLOL!!!!

  21. 1:11 that is so utterly inaccurate mate… fw190’s max speed being bloody 408mph?!? And also it being one of the latest fw variant? 😂😂 mate, ik it’s the 90s and u haven’t got any good technologies to fix the graphics, in fact despite the time the graphics is actually rly good including the gameplay, but surely u can fix the ridiculously inaccurate speed lmfao

  22. Blazing Angels Squadrons of WW2 only made honorable mention?!
    Best damn Flight Simulator game ever made in my opinion.

  23. I played the game 'blazing angels' and it is fucking gold

  24. F-22 Lightining 3 – this is the best game !!!!!!!!!

  25. my list
    1.Ace combat seven
    2.Ace combat X

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