TL vs FLY - Game 1 | Quarter Final LCS 2022 Lock In Playoffs | Team Liquid vs FlyQuest G1 full game -

TL vs FLY – Game 1 | Quarter Final LCS 2022 Lock In Playoffs | Team Liquid vs FlyQuest G1 full game

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FLY vs TL G1 Quarter Final S12 LCS 2022 Lock In – FlyQuest vs Team Liquid lol eSports LCS Lock In Tournament 2022.
LoL eSports S12 LCS Lock In 2022 – TL vs FLY League of Legends NA LCS 2022 Team Liquid vs FlyQuest Game 1 VOD 1080p Full HD.
Third match of the day – Team Liquid vs FlyQuest best of 3 game 1.
FLY vs TL G1 Quarter Final Lock In full game in HD 1080p.

Team Liquid Line-up:
Bradley – Top Akali
Santorin – Jungle Xin Zhao
Bjergsen – Mid Corki
Hans Sama – ADC Kalista
CoreJJ – Support Thresh

FlyQuest eSports Line-up:
Kumo – Top Sion
JoseDeodo – Jungle Lee Sin
toucouille – Mid Orianna
Johnsun – ADC Jinx
Aphromoo – Support Rakan

Patch: 12.1 – Season 12
Game date: 22.01.2022 | 01/22/2022 | January 22nd 2022
Game place: online
Casters: Azael and Phreak

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  1. 9:49 Why Fly's support just walks in with no follow up available is just beyond me here. Every Flyquest member there were at least 2-3 seconds away from the follow up so aphromoo should have just disengaged or at least wait a bit then engage instead of walking head first into three guys and getting demolished. Now it's a 3v4 with Bjergsen coming down and they're quite lucky they got out of that with only one death.

    A lack of communication is really hurting FlyQuest here. But great win for TL, Bradley's Akali is so fun to watch, that flank at 29:51 is just sexy asf, just zones the ADC from the fight completely. Core-sama also looking strong, Bjergsen doing Bjergsen things, and Santorin looking better than ever. Can't wait for the whole team to play together

  2. I thought there was visa issue where CoreJJ and Hans can’t play together?

  3. que mala que es la bot de fly!! Josedeodo no puede jugar con una bot tan mala

  4. FQ sigue siendo un equipo muy malo, muy poca diferencia a lo del año pasado.

  5. jfc the champion diversity beginning of this season sucks diiiiiiccckkkkkkkk

  6. Isn't the fly jungler that guy that spammed emotes constantly and int at world 2021??🤔🤔

  7. Aphros a noob. I would have also flashed towards turret after luring thresh hook to jinx

  8. Y'all watching lcs after watching lpl is a crazy fkn experience

  9. trato de ilusionarme otra vez con fly pero se vuelve mas byequest

  10. I came here only because of Bwipo and he got so wide that he is called Bradley now I guess

  11. I came here for Bwipo. Don't regret watching Bradley

  12. Jg dif para las ratas de las y el soporte de fly asco. . Trash

  13. TL has a really good strategy, trying to make the new EU imports play as little as possible NA matches might make them decay less by the time they get to an international tournament.

  14. Wow , worst first 5 minutes of any game ive seen this year. Count the mistakes!

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