This VR Flight Sim is Terrifyingly Immersive - VTOL VR -

This VR Flight Sim is Terrifyingly Immersive – VTOL VR

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  1. I am going to get v tol with the cable soon but do you have any tips?

  2. Do u need a joystick? Or just use the vr controller?

  3. Yea id love if they make these games easier and on console

  4. i was like this game looks cool with not a lot going on but now i see that its just the art style and the steam page is doing it a disservice

  5. if you dont know how to play DCS world, it is because you need the training for it. and for your specific aircraft. yes, they do give out trainings.

  6. The f35 has built in cameras all over the plane for the helmet to sync to but it sees through a little monitor its cool cause the helmet is one of the most expensive parts for an f35

  7. VR games based around just sitting down in a seat and manipulating things around you automatically get rid of one of the most immersion breaking parts of VR: walking without moving your legs

  8. Will he ever finish his story about the Greek arma boi

  9. I hate that the camera is on the right eye and not centered

  10. The only thing that would make this more immersive is UFOs

  11. I want that game cuz it's my dream. But… Idh VR ;-;

  12. he broke the sound barrier while flying through that bridge. The crack would of snapped some of those cables I am sure, the shockwave that comes off the back of a craft going Mach 1 is savage

  13. You have to "scratch" your nose. It already itches.

  14. If we can do control panels with Buttons in VR now they could do a VR port of Steel Battalion.

  15. Damn it's crazy man you get the same benefits in racers too it's really fucking nice playing sims in VR. The added depth perception is a game changer for accuracy

  16. how does this compare with microsoft flight simulator in terms of beauty?

  17. the in game pilot capturing Drews body language as he talks is so funny.

  18. okay so im just gonna say it.


  19. I met a real f-35 pilot, and he said that his helmet costs $400,000, that’s how you get that technology.

  20. Your character doesn't look to be wearing a "giraffe" compression flight suit, so I doubt he'd handle 10 Gs very well. Would like to see this with Microsoft Flight Sim highly detailed environments.

  21. is this available on the Quest 2 without link cable?

  22. The fact that your character moves with you and looks at the camera and everything makes this just…. kind of mind blowing lol. Loved it. Subscribed.

  23. Requested a steam return, just couldnt get into it. Not for me… DCS
    VR anyday!

  24. Ah great another person that dresses up in "tactical gear" and does "operator stuff."

  25. The only thing that is not there is the g-forces 🤣

  26. I love the simplicity and brutality of it just cutting to black once you crash and die. No fancy explosions or killcams, just instant death.

  27. Love the review, but just a heads up:

    Acrobatics are what gymnasts do. Aerobatics is what aviators do.

  28. Looks fun, does it support HOTAS? Many thanks

  29. so what is your VR set up for this? are you using a joystick at all or is it all done purely in VR? i would love to see your set up!!

  30. Hope your cat finally came out of the closet. Vtol vr rocks. Cheers

  31. i bet the diff between the GBU's is one is probably the stealth variant specifically for this plane and carried inside the body, rather than under the wing on the exterior

  32. Fun fact: if you search "vtol vr" in YouTube this is the first video that shows up

  33. In real life that helmet for the F-35 costs $400k.

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