This VR Flight Sim is Terrifyingly Immersive - VTOL VR -

This VR Flight Sim is Terrifyingly Immersive – VTOL VR

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  1. i know im late but whats price of this game

  2. Missle have tiny fin, and really fast. Large turn radius. You find geometry where you turn faster than them as get close. Visual contact with incoming is key.

  3. Immersive?! Really?! It looks as goofy as fortnite

  4. You've never seen Firefox with Clint Eastwood have you? 🤣

  5. I used to love flying much older flight combat sims F16 Fighting Falcon, FA18, F15 Strike Eagle. Loads of fun, but this looks really fun! I may buy the Steam headset someday and play this. Very cool!

  6. The graphics are terrible…. Looks like a game from year 2000

  7. VR tech is great… but the graphics are 1980's Atari 8 bit.

  8. I fly Fpv free style drones and I’ve never found it terrifying. I can’t believe this is any different other than not being in a real flight environment
    I also have several 3D cameras for Fpv which is cool too

  9. I remember ejecting when flying low over the runway, I thought I would break my legs on landing but I was seating in my chair ;))

  10. Why "VTOL" ? Where ? And there's NO WAY it's a F18, that's a F15 ! just look the left and right variable sweeping air induct !

  11. that spectator cam is sumthing else! great video man

  12. "The thing is that in this game i have physical hands" immediately scratches the back of his head with his arm bent backwards

    his hands may be the only thing in his body that has physics

  13. Is the game DOS based or running under windows 3.11? 🙂

  14. Haven't seen graphics this crap since 1997

  15. Is he using joystick and throttle if so how is he using his hands around the cockpit as well?

  16. Anyone know the name of the first map he played?

  17. The game must be updated again, such as there is a pushback car, there is a tanker truck that fills up fuel on the plane, there are passengers on the plane, there are flight attendants on the plane. 🙏 In the map, the map must be improved and clarified again, such as buildings, buildings, flying destinations, to flying destinations. The passenger ladder (garbarata) on the plane must be there like the passenger boarding / boarding passengers on the plane. stairs (garbarata) for passengers on the plane, there must be an exit for passengers from the plane, such as to drop passengers on the plane/passengers off the plane. Repair the camera and add more cameras such as the left pilot camera, right pilot camera, center pilot cockpit, interior view center view from the middle, cameras for passengers on the plane, and everything needs to be fixed and added like the lack of camera planes in this VR flight simulator game. 🙏 Add 2 more buttons for aircraft controllers using joystick/Accelerometer 🙏 Before flying the aircraft must be controlled first, such as the pilot's ATC button is turned on, the aircraft must be on the runway/airport parking, refueling on the plane, filling passengers/Controlling the entry of ferries on the plane, load the ferry cargo on the plane, from the outside in, both from the inside out, control the pushback car, control the fuel car on the plane, and more. 🙏 In an airplane atmosphere there must be 2 pilots, 2 pilots holding the throttle, all auto pilot buttons must be repaired again. And add another AUTO PILOT/APP button to help land planes at airports, from airports, to other airport destinations. Add free big planes, such as A320, BOEING 747 🙏 Add morning weather, afternoon weather, bad weather, night weather. Add weather changes, such as evening rain, morning rain, afternoon rain, afternoon rain. add wipers on the plane,🙏

  18. Yes YouTube this is definitely Microsoft flight simulator

  19. Realy enjoyd this drewski! Id love to see you take ralfidude through this game.

  20. Oh my lord. Even the physics engine!!! When Drewski flew round the mountain to try and dodge the missile. It cuts to his third person camera, you can see the wing tips physically bending at the amount of wind and g-forces bowing down upon the jet.

  21. 22:48 I love the reference to the movie Firefox in that mission. It's a sweet ass Clint Eastwood movie about an American pilot sneaking into Soviet Russia to steal an advanced fighter jet which is just like this mission here. At the end they even have a screenshot of Clint at the end of the movie when he's stolen the jet. It was always a dream to live that movie out IRL and now I can in VR. <3

  22. I need more VTOL VR videos from this channel.

  23. I'm sure i'm not the only one that keeps moving my mouse to make the cursor at the top right of the screen dissappear

  24. This dude would make a hell of a Death Star exhaust port runner !!!

  25. Now all you nned to complete the set up is a g force simulator

  26. Drewski Firefox is an old 80's movie, seems like it would be something you'd enjoy if you have time.

  27. How do you get past the license agreement?

  28. Hey I can't find this is the oculus app do you know how to get it

  29. do you need a flight stick or do you just grab the throttle and joystick

  30. This man talks with his hands more than a Italian

  31. What kind of stats would a gaming laptop need to have to run this game, I don’t want this game, I need this game!

  32. This is so freaking cool. What a time to be alive

  33. For all those peeps thinking that's an f-16, no it an F-22 Raptor

  34. You should do more videos on this game… official multiplayer is out bro

  35. Repent to Jesus Christ!!
    “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”
    ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭19:21‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  36. Haha, Firefox, and even have a pic of Eastwood. Same mission.

  37. Anyone know how to get this on oculus quest 2?? I wanna ply soo bad

  38. What’s the best VR system for someone that doesn’t own one?

  39. I think you were flying more of an F-15 than an F/A-18, just the adjusting intakes and a few of the cockpit dongles remind me more of the Eagle.
    Also, GBU-39's are one of the best little bombs ever made, its a Small Diameter precision guided glide bomb. you could've fired that sucker from high up, out of the airfields SAM range and just let the bomb do its job.

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