This Unreal Engine 5 Superman Demo is MIND BLOWING [4K] -

This Unreal Engine 5 Superman Demo is MIND BLOWING [4K]

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A Superman Unreal Engine 5 demo experiment has gone viral. This small experience shows how big next gen games and Superman games can really be.
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  1. Can I run this on my Atari 2600?, just asking, Of course using SLI to an Atari XE.

  2. Stop using Unreal engine, this is not 1976 let it die.

  3. The flying mechanic isn't really that difficult (speaking as a junior developer)
    Dragon Ball kakarot did it (and I know is different from superman, just saying that the mechanic is there)
    I feel like what's scares these companies is the story and mechanics, like how do you have a challenge with a man that's invulnerable

  4. Just basically make the Spider-Man games and change it to Superman lol. It seems that simple to me cause Spider-Man on ps4 was mind blowing now with ps5 same thing just Superman and even better graphics and what not no??

  5. Why does Superman look like Chris Parnell?

  6. One guy didn't make the interesting part of this demo. He just deleted gravity and switched the player mesh. A team is still responsible for the amazing part and it's not better than any game. it's a demo.

  7. I'd love to see this with destructible environments

  8. Video Game developers: naaah let's rather make a pay to win mobile game

  9. This is insane. I am in awe. Wow wow wow.

  10. Imagine a proper, fleshed out X-Men game. 🎮 🥹 (it’s been decades 😩)

  11. Due to Wokenss Superman is to be renamed either Solarman or Transman. You vote on Warner’s site. Perhaps Transolarman will be popular.

  12. I think that a good Superman game would be someting like a multiplayer game. Players controls vilains and try to defeat Clark, using traps, super powers, puting inocent people in dangerous situations forcing Superman to give atention to a lot of things giving time to other members of the team to prepare a kryptonite weapon to take Clark down.

  13. A superman game would be a million times more interesting than superman ever was

  14. It would be mind blowing if there was a game like that. A game like that, without bugs, glitches and endless fucking updates and patches 🙂

  15. i would love a real sort of superman experience eg flying smashing though buildings when flying past vehicles, sending them flying just with my air pressure. also have to include space as its iconic for superman to be in the stratosphere watching earth

  16. They need to make a Homelander skin for this mod

  17. I crashed a car backwards on accident and it threw me out the map. Lol

  18. …But it's just the Matrix demo with a superman model pasted into it. How is that impresssive?

  19. This looks like the Matrix tech demo with Superman slapped on. That isn't very impressive to me.

  20. How many times can you say the same thing in different ways? lol

  21. Need a mod that let us detroy the city and civilians 🥱

  22. It's not a superman demo, it's a mod from the U5 MATRIX Demo.
    At least call it the right thing please.

  23. Waiting for the day that dc universe upgrades to unreal engine 5 🥵

  24. The more realistic video games look like, the less I feel attached and attracted by them. Long live 8bit, 16bit and modern day Indie games! <3

  25. If your hearing this Sony please add this game to the ps5 with story mode

  26. My dream is a Fallout game set in New York on a 1:1 ratio map. This engine could do it.

  27. How much do we need to show WB for them to see potential here… it’s infuriating.

  28. Even when the environment looks like it’s I’m real life the character still looks like from 2016

  29. Proof Batman is better than super whack man . He has his own game 😂

  30. Explain to the people, what is the superman curse. Many- actors playing superman have had seriuos injury and complication. Thats a statement of charector. Different evil forces have confused them. You need to be very careful with who you pretend to be.

  31. One of the superman actors was paralized by his horse. Valumar was going to attack him, he was going to lose his soul. When he paralized they realised he was not superman.

  32. I don't know… I'm not impressed (with the Unreal graphics, not the mod).

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