This Unreal Engine 5 Superman Demo is MIND BLOWING [4K] -

This Unreal Engine 5 Superman Demo is MIND BLOWING [4K]

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A Superman Unreal Engine 5 demo experiment has gone viral. This small experience shows how big next gen games and Superman games can really be.
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  1. It's actually a 2 second job anyone can do, the superman flight blueprint is available on the marketplace and made by Indie-us games, really sad there's not much mention about their work because it is the best flight animation available for any project! then all someone's done is slap it into the unreal city and stuck an offbrand superman skin on it. 5 minute job tops. But still shout out to Indie-us games!

  2. For me if this can turn to be a thing I feel like to enjoy superman powers you need a massive open world city

  3. Feels like modders these days are better than actual game developers

  4. how could they make his face look so ridiculously dull

  5. hired these fucks for cyberpunk 2077z. look at thr detail of them cars

  6. This is impressive but we will still need a map like 3-4 times bigger at least for an actual superman game since he fly's too fast

  7. This made me want an Ironman game more than a Superman game.

  8. IT would be awsome if you could fly into space to fight dragon ball characters xd

  9. Who wanna see Superman VS super sayan god goku

  10. If they are worried about an overpowered character the can just give him Kryptonite poisoning or something

  11. The problem with a Superman game is a good story. You can make it open world like Spiderman and go rescue everyone in Metropolis….but the story needs to put Superman in interesting situations where the gamer involves their emotions and intellect. I'd rather play the uncharted games all over again than some Superman copy of Spiderman.
    I think the trick would be how you balance the lives of Clark Kent and Superman. Different endings based on how sloppy you are with the disguise and the timing of your transformations. And if the game teaches its players what good reporting is and how to do it… Could change the world.

  12. So basically they have taken 99% of something someone else has created, changed the character and moveset and it's suddenly mind blowing… Wow 🤨😒

  13. well the city looks great. including a boring hero like superman no.

  14. There is no such thing as "Next Gen". It's a marketing gimmick to get morons to buy new things constantly. Everything is just advancing at the current rate. That's why I cant stand consoles. They confine you to a point in time, rather than let you upgrade its hardware. A modular console would be a simple thing. Yes I have a PC, but I'd prefer something akin to the 360 harddrive you could just shape slide into a bay and bam, bigger HDD. That could be done for CPU and GPU and then we wouldn't need to recycle all these dead consoles either.

    These demos look good but we are probably a good year out from seeing games really take advantage of this. Looking forward to it though.

  15. I'll probably just add the iconic S on the superman model in this game as a mod

  16. Wow! It makes me worry, then feel glad he's still okay when landing. Imagine if this was virtual reality?! It could make people feel dizzy!

  17. Too bad this game will blow. Cause it's super man

  18. All I want is a full suit VR Superman game so I can just lay on my floor and fly around the world.

  19. The flight, especially the dodge spin, looks like Anthem.

  20. Is this available on PS5 without slowing it down or causing any issues with the system????

  21. if superman has ice breath he should have flame breath. one thing that doesnt look good are the orange offices in buildings, you shouldnt be able to see inside every office like that, thats not how it works. unless you are really close from distance it should just be a reflection, unless its night time, its like they got night time turned on during the day.

  22. Any chance they would do something like this in VR? God imagine that

  23. Fast flying effects like sonic boom stuff going on….but still not going very fast at all.

  24. ,.,., 2,734,289-1mo
    The biggest thing that makes it that Tad more realistic is that the buildings' rooms actually have depth. This is so tiny, but at the same time so much more detail that it's mind blowing.

  25. This concept would be cool to also do this with the flash! He could run up buildings sorta like a prototype game on crack

  26. Is this just Microsoft flight sim with a Superman model instead of an airplane?

  27. who ever makes a superman game needs take a look at "Megaton rainfall" to get some better ideas on how to make an amazing superman game

  28. Great Job Tyson! Looks great, I would buy if finished product!

  29. the only thing they did was add a superman character, even that they screwed up with the cape.

  30. Its 2X more realistic than gta5 like the city design.

  31. Superman looks angry af…. Seems like a Prototype rip off!'

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