This is THE *BEST* Flight Simulator on ROBLOX | Game Review -

This is THE *BEST* Flight Simulator on ROBLOX | Game Review

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thank you guys for watching, hope this helped! 😉
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  1. thanks for including me in the video appreciate it 🙂

    great video, great editing 👍

  2. oh btw whats ur editor? sry for asking just wonderin

  3. Literally worst Flight Sim in the game. Try Aeronautica. The BEST

    (not the worst lol definitely up in the top 5)

  4. FlightLine and project flight are one of the best flight simulators

  5. I hate that it’s only PC tho, maybe they will add mobile in the future,I hope they do😅

  6. I hate Flightline because everytime i takeoff it just starts to Stall :/

  7. i play on a laptop, and the trackpad/laptop mouse works really well with the physics! (for project flight) or I'm just good at flying

    not landing though

  8. is this game going be free later on after it fully updated

  9. Does it have mobile support, i am ready to spend robux

  10. MOBLIE SUPPORT IS NOW (like 1 month ago idk)

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