This is a "game"? | British Airways 777-200ER Full Flight LHR-SAN | ULTRA 4K | MSFS Experience -

This is a “game”? | British Airways 777-200ER Full Flight LHR-SAN | ULTRA 4K | MSFS Experience

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In this video, I fly the Boeing 777-200ER out of London, Heathrow and make a 11 hour journey across the globe to San Diego, California on a beautiful approach. This was one of the real world flights that became interrupted by a certain global phenomena, but has recently comeback and is making this flight more regularly. What you hear in this video is a sound mod by FTsim mixed with real life sounds and recordings. Enjoy!

Thank you to Skylite Productions! I use a lot of the sounds from there and where a lot of real and authentic content is created on various aircraft and airlines.

-How did I get my AI aircraft traffic? –

-My MSFS Settings and Nvidia Freestyle Settings:

PC Specs:
-Zotac Trinity RTX 3080
-i7-9700K OC to 4.9ghz
-1TB SSD x1, 2TB SSD x1
-3840×2160 (4K) @ 60hz monitor


  1. Imagine using a real simulator like X-Plane or P3D… Lol MFS is for noobs and streamers… In xplane it can take up to half an hour or an hour just configuring the airplane before takeoff, with the FMC, the checklist, etc… MFS is just for noobies, just good graphics, that's all. A buy and play instead of a real simulator

  2. I haven’t flown since 2019! MFS always a gem!

  3. No autothrottle on / TOGA mode for take off? Not realistic at all to take off with manual thrust in a 777. Does the AT / TOGA not work in this plane, is that why you didn't have it engaged for take-off?

  4. absolutely fantastic! how can you fly around with the camera like so rapidly and realistically?

  5. I welcome the day when fully interactive variants of all older airliners are available: 707's, 727's, DC-8's, DC-9's, DC-10's & L-1011's, 747's & SP's.

  6. how is posible this graphics ? i have a 3080 and only 50fps…

  7. oh wow, that looks amazing, what did your fps look like?

  8. So realistic. Honestly felt like I was there!!

  9. Ah, great. Salty mod no longer works. I cannot express how much I hate CaptainSim

  10. Greekships🚢Αφιερωματα σε πλοια και εταιρείες says:

    Does this have mods?

  11. hi bro how do you manage to have different views from the outside because when the game loads we don't see the boarding, the preparation of the plane etc we see that the plane is going to the take-off runway that's all otherwise are there any mods? download planes etc if you have a link thank you and good job on your part

  12. How are you walking through these airplanes like that.

  13. how are you able to get all the different aircraft with real liverys,?

    All the other planes are plan and look almost fake and the sounds of passangers etc

  14. whats the graphic setting to have the pavement look like that ? mine looks grainy.

  15. How do you get the flaps to do that sound and how do you get the little second alieron to move with the flaps

  16. What’s the name of that song at the beginning?

  17. Don't know why I found it so damn funny, but 35:55 watching that car drive off the overpass to it's certain demise was hilarious.

  18. literally flew on a British Airways 777 last week!

  19. Does Speedbird really fly direct from EGLL — KSAN? Or is this just for show?

    Seems like an odd city pair. EGLL — KLAX would seem a little more common.

  20. Some ! Of the landscape looked good but seriously no reason to put " a game " , I appreciate the effort always do I'm too busy and lazy in my limited time to be creating YouTube content, so " more power to you 👍 " and 8k views ain't too shabby what do ever 🤙.
    Graphics are a thing that practically changes every six months soon my RTX 3060 to won't be cutting it.
    Each to their own but I'm not obsessed with hitting ultra in 4k, should be personal enjoyment.
    Love lookin at flight sins just don't have the patience to play them.
    Looking at that cockpits really makes u realise the years of training to become a pilot,more than 15 switches I'm confused.

  21. This is outstanding! I’m one of the late entrants to this game and I’m absolutely fascinated by it. I haven’t been able to figure out how to get to the stage where I can fly my chosen airline the way you’ve shown here. When I chart a route on the map, the gameplay starts with the aircraft already on the runway. Can you help me with this?

  22. How can i launch this modus in MS flight Simulator?

  23. Never had the pleasure to fly on anything bigger than a Boeing 738-Max, in real life that is.

  24. Microsoft flight simulator has 3d buildings and 3d cockpits and in the airport the flight is nice I mean very nice

  25. only another flight simulator pilot could understand the time and effort required behind the video we causally saw.

  26. I flew this route in 2016 but with a 747

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