There's a Flying Whale & We Must Save the City! - Titan Chaser Gameplay -

There’s a Flying Whale & We Must Save the City! – Titan Chaser Gameplay

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There’s a huge flying whale & we must save the city in Titan Chaser Gameplay. Can SpyCakes find the new Giant Flying Whale titan & get it away from the city in this weird Car Driving Simulator game that resembles Storm Chasers? Is the Whale considered a Giant monster or does it just want to be friends?

►Dragon Chasing
►Hunting for the Goatman

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About Titan Chaser:

“A foggy night and a car for journeying through mystical landscapes. If you want to work – titans. Titan Chaser is a surrealist driving experience, where your work is to scout giant creatures and use the light to drive them off without fighting or killing.”

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  1. Spy could you make some more Gmod guess who

  2. I have been watching your video since 2017 and you never give up you are a legend through and through

  3. Big giant whale flying in the city

    Well you don’t see that everyday

  4. I quit my work because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  5. Dear Spy
    This is not a hate comment,just curious.
    I was wondering if you were to end this channel,when would you end it and why?

  6. Anyone else notice the avatar pun?
    Instead of it saying the last airbender it says the last whale

  7. I know I’m late but attack on titan much

  8. FLYING WHALE huh reminds me of REzero kara hajimeru

  9. Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger!

  10. I like titan chaser i want a new titan like a giat tree is alone a tree like in mr lion

  11. Like a giant tree in the wood he like yellow spot light like a sun

  12. No this is the worst game without all of your crew

  13. I love that at the end he uses light poll as a ufo

  14. Yo mr spycakes i have a brilliant idwa for u a game called virtual sailor 7 the best shipping game press p to panel press shift-A to anchor the ship press d to dive panel press Alt to pause yes im not joking

  15. spy: hearts and replys on the first few comments, to look like he actually reads them

  16. "Whales are pretty big" you kidding dude? The one in this game is a Blue Whale and they can grew to a massive 110 feet in length

  17. I’d rethink my understanding of reality

  18. I think that whales bigger than a blue whale

  19. We want more please spy also you grown so much before when I watched you

  20. This is a cool titan hahahahahaha

  21. Hmm why the name is the last Whale 🐳 maybe the year 2029 the whale go kill and the whale turn into ghost and back to 2021

  22. There are more missions in the new update of Titan chaser please try it


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