The Flying KATANA Window Wipe #gaming #huntshowdown #huntevent -

The Flying KATANA Window Wipe #gaming #huntshowdown #huntevent

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I found a katana on the ground and I jumped through this window and some cool stuff happened.

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Video Edited By @Spudsef
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  1. Neenoh is just the best, man 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Been playing the game since the start and Katana has been one of my all time favorite additions. Had some really funny fights running around just swinging and even convinced a few Hunters to 1 on 1 Katana battles in the middle of boss lairs.

  3. This's so Smart&Clean Talent // give-up,Die for Ex. RESPECT GG !!))

  4. Sticky bomb for opening the window was so smart

  5. Remember when this was a cowboy shooter?

  6. Noooo way a katana exist ??? How i can get?

  7. that kutana has like a 3 meter kill radius, fukn stupid but that sums up hunt now.

  8. Don't think Neenoh can fit in a cup or bottle, nah! NO WATER!

  9. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. That was smooth.

  10. So good haha thank you for the short it made my day

  11. how long till we get a perk that deflects bullets? Muahahaha

  12. Most ninja shit ever. Imagine that throwing knife also hit! Gah damn!

  13. You stop that!!!! NEVER STOP THO! So naughty! 😂

  14. The Hunt Master says,” rule number one, stealth”.

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