The Best PlayStation VR Flight Games!!!! -

The Best PlayStation VR Flight Games!!!!

The VR Grid (Ryan)
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This is MY top 10 best PlayStation VR flying games. Please let me know in the comments below which games you think deserve to be in this list and stay tuned as I continue to break down the best games in specific genres! Thanks for watching and if you love this vid then subscribe and hit that bell!


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  1. I just played iron man- it’s amazing

  2. We want more flight games & rollercoaster games Sony, hurry up!!!!

  3. Howdy buddy. Really like the new podcast with shugghead. Hope all is well.

  4. EVE sold me on what VR could mean when it launches you down the runway tube and into the weightless space I'm just sitting there like oh damn now I see.

  5. EVE was the demo I tried when PSVR was first being released and instantly made me want a headset. There is also that free Modern Warfare: Jackal or whatever it's called. Short but it's free.

    Absolutely LOVE Squadrons. now if only I could get a regular squad together

  6. Would you suggest No Mans Sky on Oculus Quest 2 via PC?

  7. I've enjoyed countless Star Wars games over the years but after playing Squadrons in VR with a HOTAS and a 5.1 system it's clearly a whole other category. It's amazing

  8. Ace combat really showed what the headset is actually capable of and as a result, left a lot to be desired as it was only a demo. Squadrons does a pretty great job filling that void, definitely the best flying game in VR overall and I dont even like Star Wars, if anything, the brand made me hesitant, however, I was not disappointed, the game is amazing, still probably not as good a full fledged Ace Combat VR game would have been but what can ya do.

  9. Getting my flight stick this week!! 🤩 ✈️

  10. Awesome video just ordered the ps4 vr and you gave me great suggestions thanks bro

  11. Needs WWII and WWI fighter game… May be selling and buying a computer though… Tired of this screen door view

  12. Very informative video, thank you. Kind of a bummer that I already own the top three games 😄. I hope we see some new flight simulator games for the PSVR soon; I would pay double the price for an AC7 overhaul that makes the campaign playable in VR and I'm looking forward to the next Ultrawings installment. It would be nice though to have some company way bigger than Bit Planet Games develop a AA oder AAA flight simulator for the PSVR 2.

  13. I agree with this list. The only two games I have not played are Bow to Blood and Megaton Rainfall. I will check them out tonight. With every AC 7 update I pray for just one more VR mission and aircraft. I thoroughly enjoy all these games. I still play Squadrons, Ultrawings, Iron Man VR and Rush VR. I am on my third Thrustmaster HOTAS (great when they work, but they don't last).

  14. And the future of psvr is in the horizon. The sony ceo once said that they made ps5 for hardcore and psvr2 whatever they may call it

  15. Atari named almost every game space this space that ..why is very video game named space 🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. I just got a VR headset and already have Ace Combat 7 and SW Squadrons, I confess I wasn't expect AC7 was only 3 missions 🙁 SW Squadrons feels amazing but on PS4 Pro is kinda foggy and choppy.

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