The 8 Minute International Flight -

The 8 Minute International Flight

Aaron Rheins
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  1. Damn really fucked the environment with that one😂

  2. Arrive at least 45 minutes prior for boarding and 8 minutes of flight and another approximately 20 minutes to collect luggage if you have checked in. Vs 1 hour drive. How will this save significant amount of time?

  3. My question is how much please tell me i searching for some time and not found the info

  4. I can’t tell if the plane he is flying says “people” or “P O O P L O” 😂

  5. It saves you an hour long drive around the lake, but gives you a couple of hours of waiting time in the airport… 💀

  6. If you're in Morocco and wanna go back to Spain the flight takes 15mibutes since the flight between Switzerland and Germany are cancelled nowadays so Morocco's flight to Spain holds the world record

  7. Him: its only 8 minutes a car is 1 hour and public transportation is 2hours. Airport taking 3 hours to bord

  8. It take 30 minutes to set the plane up, 5-10 minutes to pushback, 5 minutes to taxi, and it’s just a 8 minute flight😭

  9. Its not shortes in europe, in europe and also in the world the shirtest flight is uk on some islands and it only takes 59 seconds😅😅😅

  10. Ppl at their shortest boundary’s im gonna visit ur house okay proceeds to bring a cirrus sr70

  11. I’ve seen this airline in Palma De Mallorca recently, a nice little aircraft to be there.

  12. Bro people nowadays are lazy as fuck, this is what kills the earth

  13. The moment when you live by this lake and only 30 minutes away from the airports💀

  14. Well if you include check in and security and getting your bags at the end, im confident it will be slower than public transport

  15. It may be faster because plane just can’t go faster than the land speed because it’s will skip runway then or it actually can but it must fly over the runway do a circle and land

  16. bro the distance between sharjah and abu dhabi is 2hrs and my family still drive the distance💀

  17. why putting that short man when saying shortest ? 😂😂😂😂

  18. Ok cities in germany is ailways hard to spel to english people but in lithuania its easy to spell😊

  19. Can you do the longest flight next video

  20. Im serious rn
    I only live a hour away from St.Gallen and Friedrichshafen

  21. Fun fact the airline is the world's smallest airline

  22. "Back in my day there was a short flight between Berlin and Warsaw" 👴

  23. i took a flight from portland to seattle and it took longer to take off then the actual flight 💀 (it was like 25 minutes)

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