Surviving as A Flying Fish is HARD… -

Surviving as A Flying Fish is HARD…

Kindly Keyin
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I am a FLYING Fish..
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I Am Fish is a charming, physics-based adventure starring four intrepid fish friends, forcibly separated from their home in a pet shop fish tank. Over the course of the game you join them as they swim, fly, roll and chomp their way to the open ocean from the far-flung corners of Barnardshire (the smallest county in England) in their bid for freedom and to re-unite once again!

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  1. Hi got here in 4 hours not bad…RIGHT!

  2. mhm this is hello neighbor yeah-

  3. uhh i really don't know what to name this yet LoL! says:

    hey keyin you should play games from the past

  4. Will you ever play roblox? You are playing a literal kids game

  5. You should play among us. It’s been so long and check out the new update it’s cool

  6. Hey keyin play a game called Bad Cat WIP

    It is about an old lady leaving her house to go to vacation and leaving her cats home alone

    And then you start destroying her home and breaking every single thing you can

    Edit: I forgot to say, this is a game in Roblox

  7. its surgent sim and a game called i am bread

  8. You are the best Kindly Keyin😃😃😃

  9. What would happen if you were in first person?

  10. Claim you "here within 1 hour ticket here

  11. Hey, Keyin! Roblox added Voice chat. Uh, I think you might want to look into that.

  12. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood 👍

  13. Fish be like: flyyyyy me to the moon let me play amongs the stars ✨

  14. Please play scrap mechanic on survival.thank you (you can make vehicles)

  15. Please its on steam for FIVE dollars poppy playtime

  16. Also EVERYONE has played it even dak frustrated denis sketch you are missing out

  17. More red ball 4
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  18. I Haven’t watched your YouTube Channel in years, I regret it… But now that you Popped up in my recommended I am watching every single Video that I missed.

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