SUPERMAN™ - Earth Sized Open-World Game in Unreal Engine 5 | Fan Concept -

SUPERMAN™ – Earth Sized Open-World Game in Unreal Engine 5 | Fan Concept

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Imagining Open World “SuperMan” Game with Earth Sized Map!

it’s a long time that said an open world game based on SuperMan is under development by Rocksteady and Warner Bros, in this video we tried to imagine this possible Game in Unreal Engine 5 with High End Graphics Features Such as Ray Tracing, Lumen, Nanite and More

A game in which you can leave the planet at any moment and move quickly through it
It may be unlikely that this game will happen, but it is possible to imagine it

Hope You Enjoy!

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  1. I like how the game is about to break when he lands😂

  2. People are saying “this is what developers should be doing” there is hardly any gameplay mechanics here other than a guy flying about. You guys really seem to underestimate how much effort goes into a game 😂 this wasn’t even an “earth sized” open world game it was just 3/4 pretty small zones with insanely good graphics.

  3. can i download this hell id even pay for it

  4. Pure torture to know this could be a game but isn’t.

  5. Need some flying rings to complete the game.

  6. I thought we would be getting games that looked like this by now, but the current gen of consoles has been completely underwhelming

  7. Didn't realize Superman was a konoha ninja.


  9. Does Anyone know when the next superman game is coming out?

  10. man it would be fun to destroy things too and to be able to change your identity and still use your powers

  11. dude fix the in space part no wind in space but the world build is G

  12. If this was an actual open universe Superman game oh yea the developer is gettin a lot of money cause this would be on the gamin platform for years.

  13. i kinda thought he'd DO something… nice very slow flying game idea..

  14. Wow, and this is a fan made concept game?? This is awesome!

  15. this neeeeds to be an official game one day!! missions,free roam, maybe skins and all

  16. Imagine dc universe online with these graphics

  17. They better hurry and make a good superman game and this time they should not rush it they should take there time like they done with batman games

  18. IS this really possible in game ????

  19. Epic man, Superman The best hero of all time.

  20. This has so much potential. It's perfect in so many little ways like the graphics, details etc. It would be nice if a power/energy bar is added and superman can like go up to the sun to recharge at a faster rate if he wants. And also would love to see the sound barriers break while flying.

  21. It makes you wonder what a team like Rocksteady could do with UE5, like if they put in the quality they did with the Arkham games with modern tools, I bet they could make an amazing Superman game.

  22. Its not a video its our imagination what we can imagine😊

  23. Abe space mei konsi hawa chal rhi hai jo iska parda hil rha hai 😂😂😂

  24. The most impressive thing: there is air in the moon o__o

  25. I loved it I would like to see a Justice League next gen game to play like that but in Coop mode .

    I can See Wonder Woman Flying with Superman to different planets & Portals .

  26. Melhor é a capa recebendo vento no espaço hahahah

  27. A game like this could work the way arkham works where a villain is able to keep the hero confined to one space

  28. This call goes out to the ones who can: please develop a superman universe Game like that, with the big ice Cave, Krypton, an so on and on. Like already mentioned it will be a revolution of games. There is no superman Game out there so far. You could do endless content for it 🤩🙏 by one of the biggest fans out there 🤟🎉

  29. Bro GTA V looking good!
    Even provided live footage of civilization on the Moon!

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