Super Mario Flying Challenges! Don't Stop Flying!! -

Super Mario Flying Challenges! Don’t Stop Flying!!

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Hack by: Alan Jacobs, Russian Man, & BlueFinch
✪ Super Flyin’ is a 1 world microhack. This is a well-tested, experimental-concept hack, and it is fun! What is different about it?
✪ THREE THINGS: Mario can recharge his flight by bopping enemies (idea from Mario Maker). Mario can bop enemies underwater (idea by Alan Jacobs). Mario can continue to hop on Goombas and they will not die (idea by BlueFinch).
These three distinctives make for an interesting game experience. The difficulty climbs very quickly between stages. Can you make it to the end?

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Super Mario Flying Challenges! Don’t Stop Flying!!
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  1. That was neat. But like you said, they didn't congratulate you at the end or anything.

  2. lolz
    Looks like that pyramid should of been the last level. Maybe this isn't completed yet?

  3. Question: does that flying mechanic appear in the original SMB3 (bouncing off of enemies to extend flight time)? I never thought to try it, but it seems pretty sweet. Btw, good job getting through – I'd never make it lol.

  4. 4:17 – "You can spend half an hour or however long it takes and just try to knock it out ." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Why was I weirded out at you not going from small to flying in one feather? Is it just because Mario Maker is different?


    That Bullet Bill turning backwl gave me Player 2 controls the enemies flashbacks :).

  6. I blame you for my brother giving me a weird look when I called it a mushy mush.

  7. you are allergic to all mario things ( like smash bros and yoshi's island ) and its incurable, do you burn everything are just suicide cause your entire life is ruin ?

  8. The intro is not 100% foolproof, you could do a pixel-frame perfect wall jump to save yourself

  9. Darby were you excited when banjo was shown being in smash
    I was yelling when my friend texted me in the middle of my class.

  10. Oh yeah! Mario flies his way to victory and perhaps there will be more levels ya know? I mean it is to short to just be 5 levels.

  11. Sorry I haven't been commenting. I haven't had time to go on youtube on a phone but I have been watching on a tv.
    I am glad I didn't miss my level on a mario maker stream but I hope my level shows up next stream

  12. Youtubers: sounds normal
    Also youtubers: "sorry I sound weird I have been fighting an illness"

  13. Hey Darby! Do You Have An Android or Apple Smartphone? If You Do, It's Just Like Mario Maker! It's Called "Pico Pico Maker EX". It Does Have Only One Screen Level Maker, But It's Still Super Awsome To Play. If You Could Make Videos On The Game, That Would Be Cool! Thanks!

  14. Huh. A difficult challenge! Great job man!

  15. Wait Remember You Made A Video Called Super Mario Bros. 3 Tips Tricks And Glitches Why On World 1-3 You Got To The
    Door And Jumped Quickly And Glitched Through The Blue Wall And Finished The Level!

  16. I want play the pre order I have for Super mario maker 2

  17. I love how good this hack looks.

    I wish this kind of stuff would have been available when I was a kid playing Super Mario Bros 3 on my NES. As a kid this would have been so mind blowing.

  18. I bet the engine has been moddified to allow mario extending to keep flying by hitting koopas & gombas.

  19. The spikes Remind Me of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG

  20. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  21. Thanks for playing this. We wanted to make something very different. Glad you enjoyed it!

  22. i made a level for this (level 3, technically 4). cool, huh?

  23. Level name: Bowser’s Air Switch Ship
    Level ID: FF6-BKX-4RF

  24. I can randomly watch any of your videos and be adequately entertained, good stuff. Thank you, and God bless you and yours!

  25. I don’t know why there was not a victory screen

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