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STAR WARS: Unlimited Quickstart Rules | Fantasy Flight Games

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Unleash unlimited possibilities! Join us as we reveal new details on one of the newest games in our catalog with Lead Game Designer Danny Schaefer, Product Strategy Director Jim Cartwright, and Host and Organized Play Program Manager Josh Massey.

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  1. Tokens are the biggest turn off of this game. They are such a mess in just about every game.

  2. Does it matter how big the decks are between players?Like, can i use 60 if they have a 70 card deck?

  3. I love love love that the resources aren't their own cards.. 75000 mana cards later…

  4. Im glad to see another star wars CCG / TCG. But this is no where near as epic as the Decipher game was.

  5. so if i have a heroism, vigilance, command deck and i want to play a cunning card, i have to pay 2 more ressources than it says on the card?🤔

  6. Wow 😮 another Star Wars Card game Now no one recall Star Wars lcg or destiny

  7. From a huge Star Wars fan that "watched" the original in cinema from the belly of my mom and from one avid CCG player who has played the Decypher CCG, the WOTC Richard Garfield's CCG and the later FFG LCG version… I HAVE ZERO HYPES FOR THIS!!We've all seen how FFG treats their "Living" games and also card games (remember SW Destiny? sure!):stuck an IP over a copy-pasted mechanicinclude a gimmick or two (to make it feel different)create hype on socialssell core sets (in this case, cases)underdevelop the gamelet it die in interestannounce its endSo, a really hard pass for me. Also, I have seen Disney Lorcana growing every single day and being a Disney game, who owns the rights for Star Wars as well, well… I'm not seeing a bright future for this product.Finally, RIP FFG. You once did really good and interesting games. Right now you're just an IP-milking company.

  8. Players like Josh are the worst. My way or I quit is a terrible attitude for a casual fun environment.

  9. Questions for next live:Why 50 cards? Could we reduce that on such a fast pace game? Feels high at first thought.Whole hand mulligan: that seems backwards on all the nice choices the game seems to give, any movement on this? And the reasoning behind it?Thanks

  10. Really loving what your doing with this game. One request: Please make my boy Selacious Crumb an awesome usable unit or equipment. That dude needs love since Destiny didn't give him any.

  11. I'm really excited for this game. I'm just unsure if I should get the English or German version…

  12. So many cheaters there will be on how the resources will be used as sleight of hand. But their best card as a resource and flip it later when needed. I've seen that done in the past with other games that did the same thing with resource system.

  13. This is sounding great fun! Cant wait to see more cards.

  14. This gives me a very Magic the Gathering feel. I am very cautiously optimistic about this game after the failings of FFG with Destiny and selling off X-Wing and Armada.

  15. Space is basically like having flying in magic or evasive in other games. They pay the price for being able to bypass the "ground units" but slightly weaker in that they cant attack or block ground units.

  16. Guys look we know yall saw it in chat, but can we address the possibility of a galaxy shuffle card or name change

  17. Yeah we need some kinda response to the Galaxy Shuffle rumors soon. It's by far the most intriguing part of the game

  18. The resource system sees exactly like Lorcana.

  19. these guys keep mentioning a discord, anyone have an invite for it? A quick google search didn't bring up anything.

  20. How does draft work? We need to draft leaders and bases out of the packs? Every pack has one of each?

  21. Considering some of FFG's board game pricings of late, I can't wait for the announcement that the boosters are going to cost $10 a pop.

  22. Leia says when you have 5 resources deploy. Is this a "May deploy" or a "must deploy" once you met the criteria?

  23. Would AT-AT and Snowspeeders be ground or space?

  24. You can come to my house and play!! I am unable to come to GenCon 🙁

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