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SpongeBob SquarePants: Ship O’ Ghouls – Escape The Flying Dutchman (Nickelodeon Games)

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  1. Omg my childhood
    BACK to the old memories :'')

  2. i can't believe spongebob died i'm crying and shaking right now this joke will never get old

  3. Wooooow I forgot this even existed and for some reason just thought of it now I must of last played this like 10 years ago wtf mannn

  4. AlextheTHXandSushiPackfan andNintendogamer says:

    I think they should put these games from my childhood on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, IOS, Windows 10, and Android.

  5. AlextheTHXandSushiPackfan andNintendogamer says:

    I’m horrible at arrr mode.

  6. Can we still play this game? I really miss it. So many memories.

  7. I Remember Comment this and I’m comment

  8. I been playing this game and i love it memories of the game on pc

  9. i play this game in google,this game is a golden memories for me and my family because we play it together😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  10. Please someone download the game, flash player is not gonna work the next year

  11. I always panicked when I tried to look for a slug as the water slowly went down XD

  12. I have a serous button mashing problem as a kid, but quite gives me awkward nightmares as a child.

  13. Thankfully, I did not get a claustrophobia after playing this so much before.

  14. Man this brings back memories! I’m 26 now and this was one of my favorite spongebob games along with Dutchman dash. One thing that always bothered me was that I was never able to guess the code that you could enter….does anybody know what the code was and what happened once you entered it??

  15. Easy: “You’ve made it out o’ the spooky ship! Try it at Medium mode for a higher score!”

    Medium: “You’ve made it out o’ the spooky ship! Try it at Arrr! mode for a higher score!”

    Arrr!: “What a hearty bilge rat ye are!”

  16. This games is going to desapear, adobe flash player is died is so sad

  17. 2:09 This gave me very horrible memories, because the the background was used for the Shanghaied Alternate Endings and if you do check the endings out, I warn you it's not a very happy ending, and I even cried at the endings thinking that SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward probably might have died.

  18. Nostalgia is hitting me like Hell, I loved this spongebob game back in the day bro😭

  19. I used to play spongebob game I was 14 👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁

  20. I remember pressing left and right key so painfully just to go through the stupid pipe when I was little

  21. the squeezing fish parts made me feel weird as a kid

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