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SpongeBob : Revenge of the Flying Dutchman FULL GAME 100% Longplay (PS2, Gamecube)

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SpongeBob : Revenge of the Flying Dutchman Walkthrough 100% collectibles FULL GAME Longplay for PS2 and Gamecube
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  1. The Flying Dutch has nothing on Danny Phantom.

  2. I want THQ to a remake of all their Nickelodeon video games. From the SpongeBob to nicktoons etc. very hard at the end not to think of the other definition of booty with how they phrased it. XD

  3. I played this 5 years ago because I didn't know the story🤓

  4. 1:12:44 Does anyone know what “treasure” that is? Cause it doesn’t look valuable to me.

  5. Thq is why big sky interactive to close there doors and be blacklisted from the industry

  6. This might sound cold, but I think it would be hard to pitch a remake for this game like they did with Battle for Bikini Bottom. There's a lot of nothing that happens from one thing to the next.

  7. XxMoonlightGamingXx #CANWEMAKEITTO40? says:

    This is one of the first spongebob games that ive seen the player talk to spongebob-

  8. I've always enjoyed watching your long plays! Keep making more of these! I can tell you do your hardest job making these videos for us! You're awesome!

  9. OMG!! I remember playing this as a kid but I couldn't remember the name!! Thanks for the upload!!

  10. this game looks like a fucking fever dream what the fuck

  11. who voices the french narrator? idk why they didnt just use tom kenny lmao

  12. Man oh man. I’m 24 now and this really brings me back to being 5-6 years old

  13. SpongeBob Squarepants Anniversary Collection – SpongeBob Squarepants 3 Revenge of the Flying Dutchman

  14. Never did finish it. Got most of the way through chum world and gave up

  15. The GameCube version is much better though.

  16. I had this one, but I lost it, though, but I really miss creature from the Krusty krab, wish it'd get a remake

  17. Play station 4 needs to remake this gameeeeee but better pleaseee

  18. I remember when I was staying at my best friends house and I ended up playing this at 1 in the morning while everybody else was asleep. Fun times, man, fun times.

  19. I remember being on ADHD medicine so literally would sleep for 20 minutes throughout the night and would play this all night cus I couldn’t sleep, oh 3rd grade memories

  20. when will they make spongebob open world game i mean this kinda looks like open world but its notand there was a spongebob game that i played as a kid where u drive burger car around bikini bottom and u collecting crowns and that was kinda spongebob open world game cuz u could drive wherever u want

  21. Great game, but have to say there's one huge mistake that goes against the law of the Spongebob Squarepants franchise. Spongebob got his biggest tip from Mr. Krabs.

  22. Brandden The Mario Princesses & Pauline Fan says:

    Me: Awesome! Spongebob Revenge Of The Flying Dutchman Is My Favorite Childhood Game!

  23. Man this games does not hold up.. especially compared to battle for bakini bottom

  24. Веst Spongebob game all time

  25. 54:34 How do you get that single dollar to spawn in? I copied your route and it never spawned in. I'm using PS2 version btw.

  26. Timestamps below:LEVEL 1 – Bikini Bottom0:11 SpongeBob's House6:11 Resident Row11:26 Krusty Krab (Ext)18:25 Krusty Krab (Int)20:55 Dutchman's Treasure #124:00 Going to Downtown[S] 7:11[P] 12:49[O] 20:40[N] 17:51[G] 19:29[E] 13:41[B] 10:17[O] 16:20[B] 12:20LEVEL 2 – Downtown28:40 Business District, Part 142:07 Construction Site55:22 High Rise Apartments1:06:13 Business District, Part 21:12:14 Going to Tree Dome[S] 34:11[P] 54:25[O] 53:20[N] 1:04:57[G] 1:01:46[E] 1:10:51[B] 4:17:36 (See LEVEL 6)[O] 35:21[B] 34:05LEVEL 3 – Tree Dome1:24:19 Tree Dome, Part 11:32:59 Upstairs, Part 11:38:44 Tree Dome, Part 21:39:43 Upstairs, Part 21:42:38 Dutchman's Treasure #21:46:02 Going to Jellyfish Fields[S] 1:28:55[P] 1:30:48[O] 1:32:22[N] 1:27:57[G] 142:26[E] 1:39:00[B] 1:34:34[O] 1:34:37[B] 1:40:08LEVEL 4 – Jellyfish Fields1:47:08 The Corral, Part 11:59:56 Jellyfish Clams, Part 12:05:29 Jellyfish Clams, Part 22:14:30 Jellyfish Cliffs, Part 12:18:33 Jellyfish Cliffs, Part 22:28:13 The Corral, Part 22:30:53 Dutchman's Treasure #32:35:29 Going to Chum World[S] 2:28:41[P] 2:30:38[O] 2:15:54[N] 2:26:03[G] 2:05:02[E] 2:09:48[B] 2:13:04[O] 1:58:07[B] 2:20:07LEVEL 5 – Chum World2:37:59 Carnival Games, Part 12:50:25 Chum Putt, Part 12:59:28 Carnival Games, Part 23:07:00 Chum Putt, Part 23:12:31 Big Top[S] 2:41:37[P] 2:43:09[O] 3:05:23[N] 3:05:36[G] 4:21:40 (See LEVEL 6)[E] 2:59:00[B] 3:21:01[O] 3:09:29[B] 3:13:02LEVEL 6 – Goo Lagoon3:25:04 Beach3:37:23 Light House, Part 13:43:32 Light House, Part 23:48:49 Pier, Part 13:53:57 Pier, Part 24:01:28 Shipwreck4:09:55 Dutchman's Treasure #44:13:26 Return to Downtown4:17:52 Dutchman's Treasure #54:21:07 Return to Chum World4:21:57 Dutchman's Treasure #64:23:58 Going to Dutchman's Graveyard[S] 3:36:02[P] 3:26:16[O] 3:44:28[N] 3:46:29[G] 3:58:11[E] 4:09:40[B] 4:07:53[O] 3:37:59[B] 3:56:37LEVEL 7 – Dutchman's Graveyard4:25:21 Dutchman's Graveyard, Part 14:29:52 Dutchman's Graveyard, Part 24:33:35 Dutchman's Graveyard, Part 34:36:59 Dutchman's Graveyard, Part 44:41:21 Dutchman's Treasure #74:44:10 Dutchman's Ship4:47:48 Final Showdown4:50:59 Ending[S] 4:29:20[P] 4:29:43[O] 4:33:07[N] 4:36:39[G] 4:36:49[E] 4:40:39[B] 4:41:06[O] 4:31:32[B] 4:35:21

  27. Man, I loved playing this game as a kid, but couldn't understand anything, and didn't know what was going on, because for some reason it wasn't translated here in germany… 😀

  28. Timestamps below:

    LEVEL 1 – Bikini Bottom
    0:11 SpongeBob's House
    6:11 Resident Row
    11:26 Krusty Krab (Ext)
    18:25 Krusty Krab (Int)
    20:55 Dutchman's Treasure #1
    24:00 Going to Downtown

    [S] 7:11
    [P] 12:49
    [O] 20:40
    [N] 17:51
    [G] 19:29
    [E] 13:41
    [B] 10:17
    [O] 16:20
    [B] 12:20

    LEVEL 2 – Downtown
    28:40 Business District, Part 1
    42:07 Construction Site
    55:22 High Rise Apartments
    1:06:13 Business District, Part 2
    1:12:14 Going to Tree Dome

    [S] 34:11
    [P] 54:25
    [O] 53:20
    [N] 1:04:57
    [G] 1:01:46
    [E] 1:10:51
    [B] 4:17:36 (See LEVEL 6)
    [O] 35:21
    [B] 34:05

    LEVEL 3 – Tree Dome
    1:24:19 Tree Dome, Part 1
    1:32:59 Upstairs, Part 1
    1:38:44 Tree Dome, Part 2
    1:39:43 Upstairs, Part 2
    1:42:38 Dutchman's Treasure #2
    1:46:02 Going to Jellyfish Fields

    [S] 1:28:55
    [P] 1:30:48
    [O] 1:32:22
    [N] 1:27:57
    [G] 142:26
    [E] 1:39:00
    [B] 1:34:34
    [O] 1:34:37
    [B] 1:40:08

    LEVEL 4 – Jellyfish Fields
    1:47:08 The Corral, Part 1
    1:59:56 Jellyfish Clams, Part 1
    2:05:29 Jellyfish Clams, Part 2
    2:14:30 Jellyfish Cliffs, Part 1
    2:18:33 Jellyfish Cliffs, Part 2
    2:28:13 The Corral, Part 2
    2:30:53 Dutchman's Treasure #3
    2:35:29 Going to Chum World

    [S] 2:28:41
    [P] 2:30:38
    [O] 2:15:54
    [N] 2:26:03
    [G] 2:05:02
    [E] 2:09:48
    [B] 2:13:04
    [O] 1:58:07
    [B] 2:20:07

    LEVEL 5 – Chum World
    2:37:59 Carnival Games, Part 1
    2:50:25 Chum Putt, Part 1
    2:59:28 Carnival Games, Part 2
    3:07:00 Chum Putt, Part 2
    3:12:31 Big Top

    [S] 2:41:37
    [P] 2:43:09
    [O] 3:05:23
    [N] 3:05:36
    [G] 4:21:40 (See LEVEL 6)
    [E] 2:59:00
    [B] 3:21:01
    [O] 3:09:29
    [B] 3:13:02

    LEVEL 6 – Goo Lagoon
    3:25:04 Beach
    3:37:23 Light House, Part 1
    3:43:32 Light House, Part 2
    3:48:49 Pier, Part 1
    3:53:57 Pier, Part 2
    4:01:28 Shipwreck
    4:09:55 Dutchman's Treasure #4
    4:13:26 Return to Downtown
    4:17:52 Dutchman's Treasure #5
    4:21:07 Return to Chum World
    4:21:57 Dutchman's Treasure #6
    4:23:58 Going to Dutchman's Graveyard

    [S] 3:36:02
    [P] 3:26:16
    [O] 3:44:28
    [N] 3:46:29
    [G] 3:58:11
    [E] 4:09:40
    [B] 4:07:53
    [O] 3:37:59
    [B] 3:56:37

    LEVEL 7 – Dutchman's Graveyard
    4:25:21 Dutchman's Graveyard, Part 1
    4:29:52 Dutchman's Graveyard, Part 2
    4:33:35 Dutchman's Graveyard, Part 3
    4:36:59 Dutchman's Graveyard, Part 4
    4:41:21 Dutchman's Treasure #7
    4:44:10 Dutchman's Ship
    4:47:48 Final Showdown
    4:50:59 Ending

    [S] 4:29:20
    [P] 4:29:43
    [O] 4:33:07
    [N] 4:36:39
    [G] 4:36:49
    [E] 4:40:39
    [B] 4:41:06
    [O] 4:31:32
    [B] 4:35:21

  29. The most underrated Spongebob game. The GameCube version is much better though.

  30. This was a great game when I was a kid. And it was one of the coolest games around.

  31. Man delivering krabby patties was fun 🍔 🍔 🍔

  32. 😭😭 omg the memories I caNNoTTTT— quarantine 2020 rlly got me here after all these years 😭😭😭😭

  33. Bruh I still havent finished the game and it's been years (around 5)

  34. This was my childhood spongebob game. If Battle for the Bikini Bottom got a remake this one deserves one too!

  35. Even tho this video has only 720p it's the highest resolution of the game beeing recorded, so good job!

  36. Man childhood me would have loved this game sadly they fucked up the PS2 port and it kept crashing in the first level either by exiting his house or by entering the crusty crab

  37. Wait a moment a buzzing Acorn? That Squidward had and told SB to buy for his GF Sandy … allrighty.

  38. Patrick: is clearly wearing a Plankton uniform
    Spongebob: Clearly SOMETHING is going on… And I'm going to figure out what it is.

  39. RIP Stephen Hillenburg and other actors who voiced the game and show.

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