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SpongeBob: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS2)

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SpongeBob: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS2 & Gamecube)


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  1. Did Spongebob really wake up without his alarm horn going on? How is that possible..

  2. It’s kind of weird they got Clancy Brown to voice Mr. Krabs here, yet they couldn’t get him to do Battle for Bikini Bottom?

  3. 6:54 me: uh oh, my mother warned me about playing hooky on a school day

  4. 24:48 but according to my encyclopedia on sour sherbat, the sour sherbat is only to become friendly after eating a jack o lantern

  5. 15:16 my message to gruntilda for killing bottles in banjo tooie in 2000 on n64 and in 2009 on xbox live arcade and in rare replay on xbox one

  6. 17:08 me when i play viva pinata: a gardener has to buy things somehow. So i'm having a little garden sale to make a few extra chocolate coins

  7. The French Narrator sounds kinda different, as if he's voiced by someone completely different.

    Which is weird, because he shares the same VA as SpongeBob, Tom Kenny, and he is still in the game voicing SpongeBob.

  8. I beat Revenge Of The Flying Dutchman on PS2 it was so fun

  9. The hypnotize scenes used to scare me when I was little

  10. Me: reads Damger. Donut opin, oh relse.
    Ash: I have no idea what that means. Let’s open it!
    Lilly: I don’t think so. We have no idea what could be inside this box. It could be a bomb, or someone’s pingas, or—
    Me: Or gold! Or gold! Or gold!
    Ash: Lin’s right, Lilly. You gotta relax for once, girl.

  11. This is really relevant to this year

  12. The part whenever SpongeBob was trying to get onto the Flying Dutchman ship and how they were saying booty made it a whole lot weirder

  13. "What harm is there in just a little peek?"
    *starts punching box furiously*

  14. "Now that is one loaded booty sack!"
    I bet they were laughing after recording this

    Edit: "Will you let me use your cannon if I bring you some fresh booty?"

    Edit 2: "That sack was so big, I could barely get my hands around all that booty!"

  15. Yes, thank you, THANK YOU! I get why this game didn't sit well with the fans when it first came out, and I also know how the gameplay mechanics are pretty frustrating at times (as is that music for when you're playing as Jellyfish!Spongebob, which is like 75-90% of the time), but I actually enjoyed the story that was being told, the uncanny graphics used in the cutscenes carried a certain charm, and the VA performances were genuine! Sure, "Battle for Bikini Bottom" is evidently the superior SpongeBob Squarepants video game, but one thing it lacks that ROTFD has is good ol' Clancy Brown as Mr. Krabs. Again, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to upload these cutscenes in a manner that tells a consistent story!!!

  16. This game is so charming, almost as much as BFBB and the Movie Game. Between this and the Movie Game getting remade, I’d say this game since I’d LOVE to see these cutscenes in the Rehydrated style, and it wouldn’t make since to remake the Movie Game since it’s not coinciding with anything. I know not many people like this game, but it makes since to remake more than others(other than Nicktoons Unite or Lights, Camera, Pants). They could also fix a lot of the problems with this game to make it WAY more enjoyable.

  17. If you let Squidward beat you to the krusty krab you get different dialogue at the beginning of the cutscene.

  18. How was this on the Gamecube? It just looks like an upscaled ps1 or n64 game…

  19. Fun fact the voice actor that voices the flying dutchman also voices hanks barber in king of the hill

  20. Time for me to tell my story, I have the PS2 version of this game and the loading glitch has never happened to me, I'm dead fucking serious

    P.S the glitch was also not why BigSky was shut down, it was because THQ blacklisted them

  21. 36:33 spongebob song was so funny it made me LAUGH😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Just hop right back just hop right back just hop right back just hop right back just hop right back just

  23. Just hop right back just hop right back just hop right back just hop right back just hop right back just hop right

  24. The hardest boss fight is the loading glitch

  25. I think this is the first time we ever hear Spongebob’s current, higher pitched, season 4 and beyond voice or at least partially at times since I can also still hear his late season 2/season 3 voice. And this game was since 2002, 2 years before the Spongebob movie which is when his current voice fully took over

  26. Lol the Flying Dutchman's facial glitches is way too hilarious for me, I take that back, everyone else's faces are mentally distorted. And the Flying Dutchman's death is so broken and glitched it's way more funnier than the broken facial animations.

  27. For a game with horrible gameplay and atrocious animations, the writing is pretty awesome

  28. Am I the only one who thinks Larry is waaaaaay out of character. The Larry I know is never an egotistical prick to Spongebob.

  29. You missed some dialogue when SpongeBob loses the race against Squidward

  30. I love the idea of the flying dutchman being imprisoned in the bottle, maybe like a genie to grant wishes and then maybe freedom! I mean, I LOVE the flying dutchman as the character and all moments! And I can expand the idea of the prison of the flying dutchman (and maybe his new home, because of his ship) being a green bottle with his ship inside (somehow shrunk and turned into a model). And to summon the dutchman, you would rather pull the cork out (or speak to him in the bottle) to summon him for a while and then he can hop in!

    the story, how the flying dutchman got trapped inside: (inspired by that aladdin scene where someone tricked genie and trapped him in the bottle)
    Someone with a green bottle with his ship inside (shrunk in, as a model), asks the dutchman, if he can be small and explore the bottle and the ship for a while and then pull out the ship…

    "Ooh! It looks like my ship! It’s even got all the little mold and flies! How thoughtful!" (he doesn’t know, that it’s his OWN ship and that he’s going to be trapped in there)

    (Captain K’nuckles line from sea legs) "Heh heh! Heeeey! I could get used to this!"

    the person with the cork closes the bottle, trapping the dutchman inside: *"Gotcha! Ahahahahah ha!"

    O kawai koto! How cute!

    sorry for a long comment!

    This post was made by me on the internet!

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