SPECTRE Gunship AC-130 Flying Fortress! (Ravenfield Mod Gameplay) - gamenightuiuc.com

SPECTRE Gunship AC-130 Flying Fortress! (Ravenfield Mod Gameplay)

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Ravenfield Fastest NEW Amazing Modded AC-130 Plane! – (Ravenfield Mods Gameplay) AC-130 Spectre Flying Fortress

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  1. Can anyone tell me whats the name of this map?

  2. He said flying fortress

    Me: its AC 130 Hercules NOT flying fortress ITSA Gunship

  3. A watch this on the play list for ravenfield and the number is 130 an it the ac130 episode

  4. Try to hold s while your a pilot of a bomber or plane this will make your plane to Standby and realease it to throttle your plane or press w this will help you to take off faster

  5. Yeah this game is cool I hope I can download it on my phone 😥😥😥😥😥

  6. 三个虚虚实实原始社会自己智者见智专家组人🐍

  7. when the AC-130 is the same size as a fighter

  8. Where did you get the game ravenfield I looked it in the App Store it was not there

  9. I forgot my Steam acc name and password so i cant download raven field:/

  10. You've heard of a knuckle sandwich… now get ready for a BULLET PIZZA. (14:40)

  11. the flying fortress was invented on my birthday

  12. That’s not the Flying Fortress that’s the hell angel

  13. Ac 130s dont get much use in day time because they are pretty much a flying dartboard. So he did pretty well id say

  14. "Were under attack!"

    Proceeds to use hip fire on a flying plane*

  15. Baron: ight lets get in my plane

  16. you sound like author Morgan when you have a soilder voice lol red dead redemption 2 is where the character is that im talking about

  17. This is not only pog, it's gone beyond and achieved mega pog

  18. If the vid starts with a RPD and a ac-130 it's gonna be a good video

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